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NOTICE:  This is a PUBLIC SERVICE website designed to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act  proven and alleged by David Faulkner DVM 
          Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners   ~  ~  The Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division  

  ( read actual experience with State Bar on this page )

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           April 5 ~ 1998 
                            June 1 ~ 2005

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David Faulkner own's  Hope Veterinary Clinic
  10850  I-40 west   Exit Hope Road off I-40 
                         Amarillo, Texas                            

                                   ALLEGED VIOLATIONS
Below are what I believe to be violations of the Texas Veterinary Practice Act committed by:

David Faulkner, DVM

  • Failed to provide complete records after repeated requests.
  • Allowing illegal practice - Permitted unqualified and unlicensed individuals to provide veterinary care...such as testing, administering injections, and performing procedures to Bo Bo, who were not veterinarians....nor were they under the supervision of a licensed Vet.
  • Constant Professional Misconduct
  • Failed to properly advise client at any time during treatment.
  • Failed to provide prompt and thorough diagnoses and appropriate treatment of animal,   though he was aware of previous Tick Fever. (Mrs. Faulkner gave hers)
  • Failed to conduct timely correct diagnostic testing.
  • Failed to adequately examine and took x-rays only on insistence from client.
  • Failed to obtain client permission or consent on any treatment, procedure, or shots, written or oral.
  • Failed to investigate cause of death...even refused to touch the body.
  •  Altered patient?s records...numerous record keeping violations...unbelievable record keeping and no record keeping. Did not keep accurate records of Bo Bo's care.
  • Constant unauthorized and unknown to client treatments.
  • Failed to follow client instructions and requests.
  • Failed to provide adequate care of a very sick animal or transfer the animal to an emergency care facility where the animal could be monitored on a continuous basis.
  • Failed to refer the animal to a Specialist. (He lists himself as a 24 hr. Emergency Clinic, but, in reality, he is not set up for this...he can simply be called in, if he's available.)
  • Prescribed medications in excess and incorrectly (he called it shotgun it without identify what ?IT? was).


I am now aware that Vets do not like these "pet prescriptions" operations, and that one of them had a lawsuit filed against them.........Petscriptions is not that one. I needed this information concerning it to prove Sara?s revenge motive....Petscriptions statement enclosed with attachments.

  • Denied me access to exercise Freedom of Choice rights under federal laws and the U.S. Constitution.
  • The Health Freedom Act purchase medications elsewhere that I knew were needed for the care of Bo Bo Bear, and necessary for his health...which he would not prescribe or provide to Bo Bo. See: Petscriptions review.
  • Committed consistent Malpractice in the care of Bo Bo.
  • Conducted his practice in an unprofessional manner.
  • Allowed unlicenced employees to perform medical procedures.
  • Intentionally administered drugs he knew were harmful to his patient.
  • Intentionally administered a massive dose of drugs he knew would result in the death of the animal. (and whatever they did to Bo Bo on that fateful day.) -see attached affidavits.
RULE ?573.23Board Certified Specialists and Duty of Licensee
              Practiced deception in veterinary medicine
               Violated the Veterinary Medical Practice Act
               Committed acts of deception.....
              Led owner to believe their animal  was being treated by specialists.
              Fraud by Silence and actions

I have been cautioned by professional and legal offices to not use the expression or indication of ?Intentional Destruction of an Animal by a Vet.? These professionals felt it was too hard to prove..granted..and that possibly the Board would just simply defend one of its own against such a horrible the violation charge was changed to professional misconduct. However, I personally feel that the Board must have persons sitting there who feel that HONESTY,  RESPECT,  RESPONSIBILITY, and the PROTECTION of the general public are values that are important to their own consciousness and that it is their job to uphold those values. Why would the Board want someone of this caliber among be called professional or considered the same...within the medical profession they all share? I have went with my feelings and my own knowledge of facts that I know to be true.
 NOTE:  There may be more violations that have yet to be uncovered.

I ask the investigator and the board to consider the old proverb of:


...and never truly that difficult to unveil.
Ogidoda galvladi hehi   ~   Galvquodiyu gesesdi detsadovi.


( Documented actual  personal experience )
       My Contact & Experience with the State Bar of Texas
  The following shows how the State Bar of Texas Animal Law Division reacts to pleas for assistance in legal protection or animal issues:
     During my search for help in the issues of Bo's  intentional death & destruction and knowing there were laws of protection for assistance animals, I contacted the State Bar of Texas Animal Law Division, who state they will refer you to quilified legal help that can advise and also help you find legal councel.  However my experience found quite the opposite of this advertisement. The following is a copy of my terrible experience with this office,  who have never answered a call nor an e-mail since the episode.  I guess they use the same system as the State Vet Board of 
     " ignore them and they will go away "  !
  ~      ~       ~       ~      ~        ~       ~      ~     ~       ~     ~    ~    ~      ~
----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <sxxxxx
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2006 12:39 PM
Subject: Re: Animal Law

(note they don't really read the e-mail, I signed my name)

 I'm sorry that I'm not aware of your concern.  If you have a minute I'd
 appreciate some insight and perhaps resolution.

 Kathy Humphreys-Brown

       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (she included part of original e-mail to her, she is new in her office at this time) .

 My story of the experience with The State Bar Animal Law division will
 appear on this web site in the future.
Betty Garrity
~   ~   ~    ~   ~    ~   ~   ~   ~  ~  ~   ~   ~  ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~  ~   ~  ~  
 My Answer:
 ----- Original Message -----
 Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2006 12:16 PM

    (answer to your e-mail, attached)
     I am Betty Garrity, I used my daughters computer, her name is Shannon.  My apology for the confusion.
    I will try to give you a brief glimpse of my experience.

   While seeking information on legal assistance or conference with any attorney who does animal law an "impossible task". I contacted The State Bar of Texas Animal Law Division, a Ms. Amy Bures Danna answered my e-mail, (printed records available) after several of these back and forth e-mail's she requested I contact her by phone with a number, I was excited at the prospect of "finally" perhaps finding some answers to my questions.

   However when I called her, she immediately verbally attacked me. She was never given any information on the case other than "intentional destruction of an assistance animal by his Vet" ......... she preceded to tell me, among many other things, that I was just a grieving stupid old woman, mental idiot so to speak, I would be a royal pain in the  - ass -  to any attorney, constantly harassing him, he wouldn't make any money......etc.  etc..  I was totally appalled, in tears, and shock at this reaction from a so called professional office, the pain I was going through she highly intensified. I had done nothing to warrant this attack.

   I give her credit, she did this by baiting me into a phone call, there is no record of her attack on me, except, your incoming phone records to # 713-210-4386 and my own outgoing phone records.....this was a day or two after September 7th 2005 according to my reply to her short  e-mail........
" subject: call me please ..."

   I now belong to an animal group who's intent it is to change how animal's are treated in the State of Texas ........ especially by Vet's who apparently have a licenses not only to legally intentional kill, but to distribute drug's to anyone and any manner they chose. They do not have to use a prescription, may keep drugs of any kind on the shelf, distribute them all when and however they chose, animal or not, the aim huge amounts of money. In other words what appears as legal drug traffic. Protected by The State Board of Vet Medical Examiners.  Who apparently has no other government monitor, also overlooked by the governors office, and are a supreme final total word on these issues......Recent Board notes, intensify this practice, (will forward to you).

   At this time my intentions are still the same, there is no resolution as far as I am concerned, my experience will be published via Internet. Ms. Amy Burres Danna should have used a gun, which I got the impression she would have liked to, as her rage spilled forth at me.

   I am sure most in The State Bar are not aware of her methods, perhaps they should be looked into intently.

   I would appreciate the referral to The State Vet Medical Board be confidential at this time, though a true statement, in the process of intense review. If you wish to look at some of the responses of State Offices in reference to these matter's, simply also pull up The Vet Abuse Network or Stempy Munson on your web site. You will find much information there.

  Bo's web site is still in a holding pattern, waiting for the Board decision, there are many other cases behind his web site coming forward in time. They are not viewable at this time.....

  Betty  Garrity      
 ( footnote: my advice is, don't inquire with the State Bar in seeking legal referrals) 
      Don't let them get away with it!  
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        Research Findings
    Approximately 85% to 90%
    of all veterinary complaints filed with  State Boards are
    as no  violation found.
     Many times there is  overwhelming evidence supporting  the negligence allegations, yet the  State Boards dismiss anyway.
    These  Boards, that are charged with  protecting the public, spend much  more time protecting guilty  veterinarians  instead.

     Research Discovery Fact 
    This isn't the first time that a complaint has been filed with the State Board against David Faulkner, DVM.
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    NOTICE:   This is a PUBLIC SERVICE   website designed to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act both  proven and alleged, by David Faulkner, DVM ~
     Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners   ~  ~  The Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division    ( read actual experience with State Bar on this page )
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