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NOTICE:   This is a PUBLIC SERVICE website designed to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act proven and alleged, by David Faulkner   DVM 
 Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners    ~   ~    Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division

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            April 5 ~ 1998 
                            June 1 ~ 2005

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This is a copy of the document that was submitted to the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. It is worded and addressed to both the main Investigator of this complaint and to the Board, in general.  Records in my possession, as referred to below, were submitted along with this document.

There were many more vet visits, these are the few documented recorded records I have.


(Investigator Note: Please request full records from)

David Faulkner, DVM
10850 I-40
Amarillo, Texas

  Hope Clinic has refused me some records, I do have a few, each time I would ask I was given the correct amount of pages just some were of the same copy in other words I would have 2 or 3 of the same page. Once, an oversite, twice, perhaps someone is tired, however four times and the same results, would appear special instructions were given. At this time I am refused any records. I was always refused copies or payment receipts with such excuses as, ?Printer down, front desk clerk out for the day, will give you a print out next time, there?s a computer problem," etc. I know records are missing. However the records I do have are, for the most part, unreadable, including dates. So terrible that a time line is impossible.

  He does seem to make notes such as ?tick born positive? but no indication it was ever or never treated.

These will be considered, notations of malpractice, using records available and somewhat readable to me.

This date is possibly the first visit to Hope Clinic, & David Faulkner. I have no record for this, except a very large cancelled check.  

Dr. Jeff Young......{.see his records }.....    This is when I started my desperate  medical search.....into every area I could find ....

Faulkner's records indicate, ?Discuss steroid shots," as before I had told him Bo had bad reactions to steroids and I did not want him to have them. To no avail, he would sneak them in anyway later on. I have found them all through the records. They were pumping him full of  B-12 & heavy  steroid shots when I thought he was getting antibiotics . (all without consent)

Many notes on all pages are in direct opposition of what I told him. (The ones I can read) I see, what I believe, to be a deliberate cover up of his actual, deliberate, and slow destruction of Bo Bo Bear's life.

When notes are scribbled, marked through, a mess to others, but readable by him, in his code. On one of the last visits, when I had gotten a few records, I inquired concerning the check marks beside meds, and was told this means they were not given. Were they pumped into him anyway ?

NOTE: One of the missing records is of Bo?s visit for stitches, when he had gotten out and was attacked by large dogs in the neighborhood. Jeff (vet tech) did everything concerning this. Faulkner was not present during any of Bo?s treatment that day. Jeff (vet tech) did the stitches, took meds from the cabinet & gave them to Bo. There are, to my calculations, 4 to 5 missing pages...maybe more...this is one of those records.

Dr. Jeff Young {see his records}

Dr. Jeff Young {see his records}

Dr. Jeff Young {see his records}


This Clinic is not of importance, however, I included it to verify another important statement.

While searching for a different veterinarian,{because of Jeff's wife}, we had the great misfortune to encounter Coulter Animal Hospital, owned by David Hodges, DVM.

I had made, what I thought, would be a special appointment for Bo Bo and stated we probably would need a lot of time. However, when we arrived, there were three other dogs in the waiting area. After signing in, the waiting room filled up more and kept filling up....I would estimate 40 to 50 animals. Dr. Hodges saw Bo Bo for approximately two minutes and tossed us back into the waiting area and said we would be called. There were many huge dogs and we could not even get to the desk. I went to the outer area...there were still animals coming in......I left with Bo for his protection. He had already had many stitches from large dogs attacking him. He was afraid and so was I..."some of the animals were not in complete control of their owners."  (yes owners).   I also felt this Dr?? David R. Hodges  was simply too busy running his  mill operation  to be of any assistance to an apparent critical animal. This record, however, gives an approximate time element for Bo Bo?s visit to Hope Clinic for stitches and medical attention done by Jeff-vet tech. Coulter records attached.

Note to Investigator:

By this time I am simply appalled at the way Vets seem to run their clinic practice......
PLEASE note, I am not Vet bashing.....but telling our experiences in full, as they happened to us.  A nightmare...


Records written by  Sara Faulkner,   Dr. Faulkner's wife....she did the procedure on the first drainage. Dr. Faulkner was not in the Clinic, but out of town. There is also an ultrasound noted on this with no readout or paperwork....simply noted & billed. I paid more than indicated on this record. Dr. Faulkner never looked at the ultrasound. Sara, a non certified vet tech, did an abdominal tap with Catheter, a Vet only procedure, I learned later. I did not know she was not qualified on many of the things she did to Bo. I am insistent the  Lasix is not working. Sara treats me as though I?m an idiot that day. I try to explain the things I?ve found on tick fever via the Internet and I am told by her, ?You're so damned fond of that computer, why don?t you look up these other meds & Lasix?" My reply was, ?I have.? My studies indicated another problem, not a heart problem. Dr. Faulkner had never indicated to me that he thought Bo had a heart problem. Bo had never been diagnosed with a heart problem or murmur in his life. According to the records,  LASIX & ENAPRIL  were prescribed. When the ultrasound was done, Sara took me into the room and showed me the screen on what, I assumed, was the ultrasound machine. She pointed out some waves, stating, ?This is water on the heart.? Later, other vets would tell me that Bo had no water around his heart and that Sara was not qualified to do an ultrasound and diagnose it, or to prescribe medications.


Abdomen bloated. Dr. Faulkner scribbles on Bo's record that it is gas in the abdomen. Even I know it's water. Most notes are the opposite of what I was telling him & what was happening. The notes state it had been going on 48 hours when he had just been told that    I brought Bo Bo in immediately when he fainted. His notes mention seizures. That is not what happened, nor what he was told.


Records indicate Abdominal is full again. I insist that the  lasix is not working!  No more lasix. This battle had ensued before. Any vet should have known by now that it was a different problem.

5-13-05 and 5-16-05

Second Opinion Vet - Darrel Yarborough: (see his record)

Panic stricken to Yarborough?s office, this is how  I obtained some records & the x-rays by talking the young girl into them for a second opinion vet visit. Yes records are yours by law.
  Dr. Faulkner was gone that day and so was Sara. Who was minding the store?

I found Dr. Yarborough to be a very pleasant, concerned vet with a very clean clinic. Also, he seemed a gentle and caring person. Yarborough?s record furnished, stating almost everything completely normal. I was told  He did not approve   of Dr. Faulkner's treatment, or all of the meds. However, he did not wish to take the case. I discovered later that he has talked to Dr. Faulkner over the week end. Discussion unknown.  (The Buddy system I learned of later, which violate rules of practice)    Mistakenly I thought I had found a real ethical Vet.

Dr. Yarborough would in another visit and after his conversation with Faulkner, tell me Bo had a tumor by his heart not good to operate, etc. while looking at the x-ray. I was devastated in tears.......after thinking on this I returned and ask him to point out this tumor, he made the excuse of  "well it's on the opposite side and you can't see it here".    I made him write all this down on his records, which were to become a part of the complaint. It stated he did not see a tumor.   What he had actually done was to pacify a buddy "Faulkner" whom he had contacted, not be an ethical vet and give his own findings, or x-ray's lab work......his excuse was I probably couldn't afford it the Faulkner records  I had brought in were fine for his opinion.  I'm sure Faulkner told him I had expressed concern about how much I was charged per visit. If you do the research on both business's you will find they net over a million or close each year of business.  My view, right you fleece the public/client and ignore ethics, running huge numbers of animals through the clinic half or none actual medial expertise to each case. And protect your friend in the profession at all cost, even with the animals lives as sacrifice.

Money was never the issue, being ripped off was. No one minds paying for what they receive.
Records attached. He has only used one sheet for both visits, ignoring the Monday visit. See my notes & correspondence.


(There are two other visits in this time frame to Dr. Faulkner's clinic. Either I cannot read, or they are missing from what I have available. There could be more than four pages missing.)


I could not locate another Vet for Bo Bo....this was his fatal visit and resulted in his murder. This record does show a large dose of lasix...I believe he was given an even larger dose, knowing this would kill him. He was also given emperil, a heart med. I had told Dr. Faulkner many times before he could not take that. The apparent checkmarks beside the drugs listed are supposed to mean he did not get them, Dr. Faulkner changed his mind....but were they pumped into him anyway ??? He was also injected with   DEPO MEDROL .......isn?t this a steroid ??    ( Certainly is ).

Bo Bo rushed to Hope Clinic after a tormented night of suffering, unknown to me. I believe Faulkner timed this because he knew Bo would suffer while I slept and I would be too late to save him when I discovered his peril.  Bo Bo died in my arms on the way to the clinic. When we arrived, no one was there but the office clerk. When I had called in the emergency, I had been led to believe quite differently.  This was after 8:00am.  Were they simply hiding??
See attached notes on Dr. Faulkner?s attack on me........while I stood holding my beloved Bo Bo?s body, in tears, asking and stating, ?What happened?  He was fine yesterday! What did you give him or do to him ??   We were, tossed out the front door very   ....quickly...  there were people in the waiting room....horrified...


footnote update for site info; 01/15/08
Dr. Jeff Young......{.see his records }.....  This is when I started my desperate  medical search.....into every area I could find ....
{ As time evolved, I would receive constant total harassment and blocking by Jeff's wife, message call's to Jeff through her were never answered, as other avenues, encluding medication's, she would simply demand to know what I wanted that she would answer, I always refused and requested Jeff}.  
 It is my opinion that a clinic with    family   employee's should be avoided,  they make constant mistakes, are never fired, also protect & lie when questioned.  note:  Sandra is not a trained Vet Tech, certainly not a vet, with the big exception of her attitude.
She later also attack petmeds, & I,  "if she didn't get the money, we didn't get the med's".  ! ! !  Always her major problem, we weren't charged enough.


 The Expert Witness Vet !!
  Vet Visit/Appointment to clinic of  Chris Grouegut DVM, 
  Clinic office location at time of my paid appointment was  in Canyon Texas...
This was several hours of consulting with transcribed notes by his office assistant... all findings negative on David Faulkners ability as a veterinarian.
 I was assured I would have copies of these notes and his expert opinion, in written/typed form mailed to me due to the long consulting, and handwritten notes. Many request resulted in none at all.
 In the end he refused replying to  any contact, resulting in yet another complaint filing with the board.
  My final knowledge and findings was that he had office partnered with  David Faulkner in the past : and was even there at the time of the horse incident, of refusal by the owners to pay an exorbitant bill for service not rendered, which he would have gained profit also.. ( Is a picture forming here for you ) ?
Expert Witness Vet
Chris  Grotegut  DVM
Hereford Texas  79045
 License # 7747
  Referred to in statement Before the Texas State Board   June 11, 2009
Also presented was an additional case of refusal of records from my expert witness Vet ?Chris  Grotegut?  in these matters, he chose what is called the code of silence for a brother not ethics. This also dismissed, violating rule # 573.52 (b & C) of professional conduct, of your own rules. These disciplinary actions were mandated, copies of those records should have been released, but then you would have no recourse in protecting both Vet's had you followed those rules. You were perfectly aware of his actions and that they were in volition of ethics, professional misconduct, laws, etc.

  This Board's system refused to honor an Attorney General Opinion in my favor, concerning these matters. You would have been caught in your own web had you done so.

Several opinions in the public?s favor by the Attorney Generals office have been ignored by this State Board.  

Records page{Charles Adkins, Investigator V  ~ TSBVME "quote"   Re: " Dr. Grotegut?s report. ~ In any case you are entitled to copies of all information related to you.   Hope this helps." }

{ shortly after assistance from this investigator on several issues, he was terminated by the board, umm ? }    * Charles was the only ethical investigator I had contact with during the process. The board thereafter also changed/reworded many rules. This is their constant weapon against the public who files.  

footnote:   Unknown to me at the time of visit ...  persons in my family (professional show horse experts)  had an encounter/contact with this vet  ?Chris?  over an expensive horse that was not treated, nor cared for properly by Faulkner at his clinic...  they were charged for procedures not done, etc..  when  he was at Faulkner?s Clinic , in the incident with Faulkner.  They removed their animal to a different Animal Hospital and paid only a portion of the bill. They did not feel they owed the rest of the vast amount. However "Chris" was fully aware of the family relationship at that time, as I learned later.   ) " : 
            YES there are ethical Vet?s in the below, protect your pet !!!
         Insider Ethical Vet  Advocates for Veterinary Accountability

                         John Robb, dvm     Protect the Pets:
                         Dr. Bob Rogers,    Vaccines:

  • Find a HOLISTIC Veterinarian       ( a safer choice )
        Quote found from a Vet Tech, standard for many who leave this field of employment.
  • Donna says:
  •   Vets are NOT the caring doctors clients think they are. I worked in the vet industry for many years. When I witnessnessed the lack of compassion and violent behaviors from these people who care for pets and the lies they told the owners. I had to leave. No compassion, but big bucks???and nice cards of sympathy sent to owners. Unreal lack of depth of compassion. MONEY, MONEY AND MORE MONEY, Was this group of vets God. Animal care and healing ???..only if you did not question their prices or brought in a stray and had a charge card. Yes, it is as bad as you think it is. Pets are treated as a non feeling beings. Only times I saw the ?decent? side of these men, was when the owners were present.  Be wary of your pets left at clinics for treatments.


    { No where near  the Hippocratic Oath }


    College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University.

    Following commencement and prior to entrance into professional practice, each graduate veterinarian has traditionally taken the "Veterinarian's Oath," which reads as follows:

    "Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society, through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of livestock resources, the promotion of public health and the advancement of medical knowledge.

    "I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence."

    The "Veterinarian's Oath" expresses essential aspects of professionalism involved in the day-to-day practice of the art and science of Veterinary Medicine. Professional students are expected to strive to form lifelong habits consistent with the philosophy embodied in the "Veterinarian's Oath."

    { where's the patient in all this ~  to a Vet the relief of animal suffering, simply means kill them}

                       Ogidoda galvladi hehi   ~   Galvquodiyu gesesdi detsadovi.

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     Research Findings
    Approximately 85% to 90%
    of all veterinary complaints filed with  State Boards are
    as no  violation found.
     Many times there is  overwhelming evidence supporting  the negligence allegations, yet the  State Boards dismiss anyway.
    These  Boards, that are charged with  protecting the public, spend much  more time protecting guilty  veterinarians  instead.

    Is your pet safe at the Vet?
    before you gamble with
    his life please
    Stefani Olsen's
    The Toonces Project

     Research Discovery Fact
    This isn't the first time that a complaint has been filed with the State Board against David Faulkner, DVM.
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    for the State's Disciplinary Records 

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    NOTICE:   This is a PUBLIC SERVICE   website designed to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act both  proven and alleged, by David Faulkner, DVM ~
     Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners   ~  ~   The Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division
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