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Messages  ~  In Search of Bo Bo Bear

Music is:    "Immortality"

         In  Search  of  Bo Bo Bear

   I personally have many years advanced study into the world of ~The Spirit ~ and the study of Metaphysics. My favorite psychic was a man called Edgar Cayce because of the works that he accomplished. Written works concerning his advanced gift led me into this area a few years ago, starting in 1957.  He personally never wrote any of the vast number of written works concerning his great gift. However, the ones written and published in the early days are considered to be very accurate. In later years, some unscrupulous people have pounced on his work and made money creating some works that are not so accurate. His early works were my doorway into this fascinating world.

   When Bo Bo was destroyed, I began, what I call, my search for his apparent still existence. And yes, I had some inkling as to what the veterinarian was up to who destroyed him. The guilt is unbearable. But in defense, I was desperately searching for a real vet. Below are a few quotes by professional psychics that I contacted after Bo Bo crossed into the   "Other Side.'"  You see, it is difficult for a psychic to obtain information for themselves, to some extent.

   In order to protect the Psychic Mediums in every way possible, the ones giving information on the demise methods of Bo Bo have not been quoted or named in any fashion. Others quoted are very condensed versions of long manuscripts.

Beloved Companion Visits  
  I had a beautiful rare black & white Lhasa dog who crossed June 1st, 2005. Actually, he was murdered by a Vet. Bo has told me this through more than one medium.

    I found Bo Bo in my laundry basket where he was born. Imagine my surprise when I went to do laundry and there was the love of my life. We were constant companions from then on.

 My first contact with Bo Bo after he crossed
  I was awakened by his barking. I knew where he was....standing up in the chair looking out the window by the Christmas tree. It was his warning bark. I sleepily thought, "He'll come back to bed in a few minutes, probably a wondering dog outside."

  The next morning while making coffee, it dawned on me that he had crossed over. I almost dropped the coffee can!!.   I wasn't asleep. He woke me.

  Another time, he woke me by licking my hand. I petted him, said "Good boy"  and went back to sleep.  I woke up the next day astonished again.

  I have caught glimpses of him in the house from time to time. I have felt him get into bed when I do, as he always did. He seems to be in his place in the car, as always. This could be deep grief on my part, but I don't really think so. I had another dog, "Lady", who woke me within the same week as Bo Bo did. She had raised up on the bed with her front paws and nuzzled my face. This woke me, and I would pet her, give her a hug, turn over, and go back to sleep.

  The next morning I was dumbfounded. Lady crossed some 15 years ago! She was a beautiful mixed breed small collie, who was my loving companion for 22 years. Apparently, still is. . If someone has any idea on what is happening to me, let me know. I have to assume it was spiritual visitations and a very special Christmas present. I can truthfully say that I have buried people with less pain than I experienced when I had to give up my Bo Bo Bear. Not that God called him, but that he was indeed murdered, as revenge for something Bo Bo  nor I,  had actually done.

Quotes from Sarah:
  This young woman is considered by me to be the best of those contacted with the astonishing thing she revealed that no one could have possibly known, unless.......Bo Bo Bear told her. I have a full large notebook of her messages concerning Bo Bo and from Bo Bo.  I would like to share few.
   The rest are my personal hideden treasure. These are things that I consider Bo Bo's  direct way of saying,  " Listen Mom, it's me ".   This young woman had no information but my name, his name, and a picture. These excerpts are condensed.

Sarah:   "Bo Bo talks about a door he has open. Likes the new look in the room. Misses his favorite meal. Misses his pillow. Something about a picture with a duck on the couch. Bo Bo says there is also someone in the family named Sarah. Bo Bo is concerned for your safety."

#1.   The living room door was found standing open several times. There was nothing wrong with the latch.  Bo always loved to escape to the front yard.

#2.    We had put new chairs & a new rug in the living room. His favorite place is under the coffee table. He used it to scratch his back, too.  Also the best view of the room and the front door.

#3.   His favorite meal was a Cheeseburger from Burger King, I could not bear to go there after he crossed over. We used to go through the drive thru and he would talk to the kids working. They would talk back. We would park under the shade tree and eat our lunch from a special basket tray I kept in the car. It was placed on the armrest. He ate nicely from his side.

#4.   Bless him .... I threw away his pillow & blanket when he crossed. I was in hysterics a lot and didn't  realize what I was doing.

.   We had taken a picture of the puppy, his Niece, called Neecee, with her duck on the new couch by his coffee table. This was put in a frame for Buddy, one of Bo's  favorite playmates...my grandnephew. His Mother had bought the puppy. He must have observed from his favorite spot.

#6.   Now, the "Sarah" was confusing........I knew of no Sarah, had never heard of a Sarah, but upon looking at many very old pictures of & about relatives, low, there she was, my Great Uncle's wife.... a gentle looking small lady in a long dress with kind eyes. A beautiful Chereokee lady, her name and birthdate plainly written.

#7.   Concerned for my safety...well, I don't  know. However, the vet who killed him isn't  the happiest camper about what I'm doing.

   As stated, I have many very detailed messages from Bo Bo through this beautiful young woman who apparently loves the animal kingdom very much and has a very special gift, granted to her by The Creator of all. I have shared only a glimpse of our long talks with Bo Bo Bear. who says that Rainbow Bridge is a real place.
        " My eternal Thanks to this young psychic, she brought great comfort " .

What Dreams Are These

This is another interesting happening in my search for Bo Bo Bear.  One that was a surprise and totally unexpected, Spirit World works that way:  
   (a very condensed version)

  My oldest daughter is an excellent psychic & medium combination. She also does Astral Projection at will.   She teaches Metaphysics and related subjects at the College and truthfully enjoys her work.  She has clients around the world and has traveled near & far doing her work with grace and love.

  She occasionally, against her will, gives me messages.  This one I had not requested, as usual, but simply had dropped by for morning coffee.
  She seemed a bit frazzled and asked,   Mother, who's Rusty ?   I was totally mystified and answered,  "I don't  know ".   She then revealed the following:  
   "Well, last night, I went to this beautiful place and a nice looking man with beautiful  eyes introduced himself as Rusty.  He told me that he was going to show me around the home place there.  He had Bo Bo Bear with him and stated that many of your animals were with him.  He then introduced me to a lot of nice people.   I remembered Aunt Maggie, always loved her cookies.  He showed me everything,  telling me that grandfather was also at home there.  He invited me back, whenever I wish, to visit.  He told me to tell you " he loves you  and that he will take good care of Bo Bo."

  It then came to me that Rusty is my first cousin whom I have not seen, or thought of often, in almost 40 years, because he crossed over.
   Believe me, I needed that fresh cup of coffee.     
                                                                                                                                        Betty Garrity

From Another Psychic Friend 
            ~   Readings by Medium_~

----- Original Message -----
From:  Linda
To:   Betty
Sent:  Thursday, June 29, 2006 4:20 AM
Subject:  Re: hi on Saturday

Hi Betty,
 I meant it when I said that you had a mission with BoBo. Also, as difficult as it was having your baby taken away from you doesn't mean that God actually wanted that to happen. BoBo's experience has a larger purpose to it, you are a part of that purpose and Betty we both know he really isn't gone. You will understand it when you see him on the other side.

 Your psychic abilities are indeed coming back and let them, it is a huge blessing to have and a larger comfort than most people can find in a lifetime, because not everyone is psychic!

Love to you.



----- Original Message -----

From: Christine
Sent:   May 8, 2006    7:17  PM
Subject: Your Story On Shadowlands.net

  Thank you for your lovely story about the love of your life, Bo Bo. I am very curious about how Bo Bo told you the vet killed him, and want to know how and why the vet killed him! How awful, to take ill feeling out on an innocent little soul. If you are up to talking about it, I would love to hear.  Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon.

- - - - - Original Message - - - - -

To: Christine

Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2006 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: Your Story On Shadowlands.net

Hi Chris,

  I stand corrected, I did say Bo Bo was the Love of My Life in the story.

  Will try to briefly give you an idea of what transpired. Also thought it would be of interest to know that I have filed against the Vet with The State Medical Board. However, if you wish to see the usual outcome of these cases, go to the website "Vet Abuse Network." Also, pull up some of the  Vet Victims stories . . .It's a horror in itself.

  This vet who killed Bo should be before the D.A's office, Bo Bo is a certified assistance animal, but I cannot find an attorney to help me with that & it would be futile to try myself. They would only laugh & protect the Man with the  MONEY  &   Doctor title.

  My Bo had a beautiful life & was always exceptionally cared for until he got tick fever one Spring. His regular Vet had grown older & retired also passed on. So, with his apparent problem, we started the nightmare of Vet search. Most Vets want only to deal with large animals, that's where the money is mostly.

  Bo was first treated by a kind young vet who's wife formed a dislike for us. He didn't charge us enough,  in her opinion.  Bo saw several vets.  All were mill type...running as many animals through as possible to make the most profit in the least amount of time. 

   But,  all this time of vet searching, he was seeing a particular vet because we really couldn't find another one. Unknown to me,  persons in my family had an encounter with this vet over an expensive horse that was not treated, nor cared for, but they were charged for procedures not done, etc..  They removed their animal to a different Animal Hospital and paid only a portion of the bill. They did not feel they owed the rest of the vast amount.

  This vet had major ideas as to Bo's new illness....all extremely expensive.....(but in reality he only had a relapse of tick fever & needed one simple $8.00 antibiotic.)....the one I tried to order online through a large pet meds supply pharmacy. However, the vet's wife blocked us, and got into a teriffic battle with those who worked there. ....again,unknown to me at the time.Her problem:   "if they didn't  sell  the drugs, we didn't get them."  Our  paid bills were already huge.
  What it boils down to is the vet intentionally killed Bo as revenge for the large bill not paid by family members that  "they didn't owe" ....and the tiffs I had gotten into with his wife on various occasions.....also, the battle with Pet Meds, which all were unknown to me at that time .

  Bo Bo Bear will have a website to explain all of our journeys & trials.

  After Bo's murder, I sought desperately to find an answer, because one second opinion vet's records clashed with the main vet's.  However, that Vet did not seem to want to take the case when I ask.....so my search began to find the answer.   Many more Vet second opinions on records gave other clues.

  After catching glimpses of Bo in the house in his favorite places, in the car in his place, he woke me barking etc. I sought the help of what is called Pet Mediums......ah, yes there were a few phoneys......but, alas from three very good ones came information that was astonishing, no one could have known, nor did they have clues, just a picture. A "special"  thank you to them!

  Bo & I always talked, but it was amazing that he could talk to other people, in a type of english,... But to answer the question of how I know Bo was murdered, he told me, along with the medical records that unraveled a story unbelievable to understand and wonder why a Monster Vet would destroy such a loving soul for simple ugly revenge.  Because he's apparently a Sicko.  This research took months with alot of help from others. I didn't just pull it out of a hat.  Bo was my baby, I needed the truth.

  We hope you follow Bo Bo Bear's website as it grows.....for legal reasons & protection it will not take alot of shape for awhile.  But when it does, I hope it tells a story that will help many in the protection & defense of their beloved fur friends.  You would expect a medical vet under oath to be a professional. Not so in all cases. Some are simply money hungry, or mentally ill with the desire to torture & kill, and they can get by with it because it's an animal.   Much as sex offenders place themselves in schools,  or where children are in large numbers, to feed their addictions by preying on innocent children.

  There's a song,  "They have no voice, they have no words--Bless the Beasts & the Children. Well, Bo Bo Bear found a way to talk even after he crossed to the other side, and he did. Some of these Mediums simply appeared, from nowhere, usually I was never charged  much by  them.  Most simply said it was senior's day.  None of these mediums knew the other....I am still in awe....most of them make their living this way..

  Can I use these things in a Court of Law?   Well, they would commit me, I'm sure.  Most people have no basic understanding of these things.

  Can I use the Medical records in a court, and before the Medical Board? A big yes.

  But, who told me how, must remain my confidential information as far as most are concerned.

  Thank you for contacting me and your interest.  I can only assume that you may have had a similar problem?

  Bo says  "yeah, you understand".

Betty & Bo Bo Bear


Reading Excerpt's  from  Animal  Psychic

"Because you have knowledge and experience of Metaphysics, Mediumship, etc. I can explain the following to you in a way that many other people might not be able to grasp because they would need it to be interpreted in a way that is congruent with their religious belief systems, you are warned that people will not be able to understand if you relay this information, because it will not fit in with their religious belief systems. I will tell you the truth from a Metaphysical & Spiritual perspective. "
                                           ~  ~   ~   ~  ~  ~  ~
"Bo Bo's  spirit is completely safe, well & comfortable on the other side.
He no longer feels pain, but a phase of being a young & healthy puppy again.
But is reviewing his souls work, prior to reincarnation to his next phase."
She describes a place she calls " Happy Meadow ".
 Others refer to it as the Rainbow Bridge, with animals of every variety, soft breezes, happy restful place....where they learn where they are and the process of reincarnation. It is overseen by benevolent guardians who's  job is to make them happy & comfortable.

"He comes in your dreams to you. He wants you to remember all the wonderful times you had."  She describes many of my dreams...all on target.

"He wants to snuggle close to you, so you can still feel his strength,
 warmth & love for you ".
 He always snuggled.

"He will return to you, if you wish."   She describes how.

"The future is not fixed. The future is a free will choice for the most extent.
Your reading may not contain information you can immediately confirm.
You will need to be patient" .

"This animal is happy, refreshed now.
 This animal is very much around you.
Bo Bo says you speak with him and he is still hearing you.
 He also stares at you from across the room with head sideways
 and an ear up, listening to you.
He has a very black nose, and tells me he had something unusual
about his tail".
" He shows me a red printed area
with sort of a white/yellow print
 that may have been his favorite place to sleep. 
 He is still in his favorite place in your home
 and carries on like he always has....follows you to the bathroom....
If this is true, then it is a validation for you".     {It certainly was!}
~  ~  ~   ~   ~ 

Bo Bo’s daytime nap place was a folded blanket, deep brown/red tint with white/yellow lines in a square. He had a very black nose.
Yes, I talk to him still, as always.
He always held his head sideways & ear up listening.
His tail as a puppy curled up very tight against his back.
It was forbidden for me to go into the bathroom without him.
This manuscript was long & very correct.
                                          ( I found this psychic an interesting enity, very adamant fee minimal )


Summary of Entries
  These are only a few of the simple, less detailed readings from the Psychic Mediums. What I found amazing was the correctness of their statements.  These were not generalities nor guess work, it would have been impossible on most of it to simply guess, or to make up something.  I have no doubt that over the long search and the many different directions the information came from, that it is real & truthful, and it could have come from nowhere but Bo Bo Bear himself.
   There was no other way to obtain the information given otherwise. I have dealt with contacts from people who have crossed and information relayed from them to others.  However, for an animal to relay clear messages in a form of English or thought process is a bit astounding. I am sure this method of speaking are those of thought, which we will all use when we cross over.

  And to the non-believers, who would mock me for these studies, may I relate that:  Our Federal Government  has long used Psychic research in the defense of our country. One of these methods is called  "REMOTE VIEWING "?.   They have many government offices assigned to the paranormal and experiments into the realm of   "OCCULT "   which simply means   "THE VAST UNKNOWN " .

  Many other governments deal into this vast science. We picked up the idea from our enemy at the time, during what was called,  The Cold War?.  Many very gifted Psychics come from Russia. India is noted for their vast knowledge on many subjects of   The Spiritual World.      With this I could go on & on. However, it would become a very large book, which incidently, one day, I will write.

  This area has become more accepted with many noted mediums such as:
 John Edward, Sylvia Brown, Tony Santos, and many more very gifted people coming forward with their talents. Though there are phonies out there in large numbers who make it difficult for the true ones to share their talented gifts. 

  My efforts here are directed toward the Animal Kingdom. If you have lost a beloved pet, fear not that they are totally gone from you forever. They are not. The Great Spirit, Creator of All, has a master plan for all he has created. I assure you that you will see your best friend again. In the meantime, 
          Keep talking to him, he still hears you......

                                                                                                             Betty & Bo Bo Bear

The  Midnight Stallion

This painting is my favorite of all time
  it  held a mystical quality that none other ever could.
He was in a place of honor in my home. 
Though the painting was lost when we lost our home many years ago,
his legacy remains forever with us.
One day my niece  when she was about seven, visiting with me often,
was standing staring intently at the large painting. 
She ask in a very soft child like voice, 
" Why do you like this horse so much, where did he come from "? 
She loved horses and had one of her own called  " Dancer".
Her father, my baby brother had crossed over, her mother followed shortly after,
both young and the victims of very strange  accidents. 
Leaving two small children in devastation of heart and soul,
 Robin was only four then. 
  Seeking to teach a spiritual lesson to her, and assure her that her parents where fine, 
I told her my opinion of the beautiful mystical white stallion, that I adored.
Well, honey when it is time for me to go to heaven and be with your
Mom and Dad
in that beautiful place, they live in now called home, 
the stallion will come out of this picture to me.
    I will ride him all the way to heaven, without a bridle nor a saddle, he doesn't need one.
 He will come for me and take me safely home where we will all live one day.
 He will always be my special horse there.
All animals are free and happy in heaven,
but he will always come to me if I need him, and always be close by
enjoying the soft sweet green grass.
She looked back at him, happily smiled and said, 
 " Oh I know,  God made him an Angel Horse ". 
 From then on she has never worried about her parents,
 she has grown into adulthood a beautiful woman, who owns many horses,
 and often gets messages from her Adored Dad.  
Betty Garrity

   Animals in Heaven ~  Revelations  19:11
and then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse

                       My Father's  Journey              
      My father was Cherokee, and very strong, never a serious health problem in his life time. Coming from strong genes, his grandfather walked the trail of tears.  But toward the end of his long visit upon earth he became slightly ill, after the money greedy surgeons practiced their unnecessary craft, he was confined to home, and the front yard, very devastating for someone who had always been free.
    I stayed with him on a constant vigil to help the nurses and his wife through the many trials of the last days, leaving only a couple of days a week to attend to my own home matters.  One day upon returning, his wife said, you should talk to your father he's rambling about candles and people who aren't there, she told me what he was saying.
   He had always maintained I was his favored child, of many, so very young it had become my job to respectfully intervene if he was on a war dance, "so to speak".  I softly entered his room, he was sitting up on the side of his bed, staring at a picture of me on the wall.  I quietly-gently sat beside him, he really didn't acknowledge me except with his usual telepathy of I know you're there.  I said  " whats wrong, that's me, your Sonokee", thinking perhaps he had lapsed in memory not knowing who was in the picture.  He shook his head and said  "I know, but she's so damed old". 
   I laughed as I knew his mind was fine then, he never liked me growing up. He was playing with me; very amused.
      Then I attempted to find out what all the commotion was about, and ask,  "Gram tells me something about candles in your room, last night, do you need fire sticks...." you see there were no candles, especially lit one's.
      He looked at me and in his own version of english told me about the night before .   I will translate to some extent......  "Well they woke me up, and there was two big beautiful candles burning on either side of my feet at the end of the bed. I got up and walked between the candles, and went with them.....then he named his brother who had crossed, his first born son also  who crossed as a child, and others, including his favored black dog, "Snowball".   He indicated he was thrilled to see them.                                                                                                                                                                              
    Then he stopped talking deep in thought.  I waited quietly, but he did not continue, so  softly I ask, "what did you do then"?   "Oh, we walked along the  rock bottom river, there were big rainbow trout jumping in it, the water clear as glass, the grass on our feet soft as ermin, (apparently he was barefoot)  the  animals and flowers were beautiful, the trees gently blowing in the wind.   
    "We walked way fer down there, then when we  got to some big gates, they were closed...." he was adamant on how beautiful it was there . . . and the moss growing on the rock fence that led to the gates......
           he again stopped talking, still staring at the picture. So finally softly I ask, "what did you do then"........ with which he said,  "oh, well I came back, but they will come for me again, and the next time I'm going to stay".   It's  so peaceful  there.
     Two days later, with the morning sun my father went home to the land beyond time, he apparently walked between the candles again.  It was if when he had gone before he then realizing he had forgotten an important matter returned to tell us where he was going.  As he always had on his hunting or fishing trips in case we had need of him. When small as his favored, and for my protection because I was,  he usually took me with him where ever he went.
     My father's greatest legacy of all, ~ ~ he taught me how to cross over into the world beyond and what to expect. He had waited for me to return from my work to tell me, so I would not worry. His last lesson, he taught me how to exit this life with grace without fear. He greeted me when I was born, he will greet me into the next life also.  Our loved one's wait for us and will guide our way.  I'm sure of this.  My father has contacted me since his journey, via, John Edward, with another message only he and I know, so there is no doubt in my mind, he's home now. It has been many years since he walked between the candles, but he returns to check on me from time to time.  His vibrations so strong there is no way to mistake them. Always even as a child I could feel his vibrations before I ever saw him, distance never mattered.  He was born in the winter moon of December in Indian Territory  a powerful presence by heritage.
     My father's journey was pleasant. He had earned all his feathers, he sometimes leaves me one, after a visit.
    In their own language, "Cherokee" is  called/spelled "Tsalagi"
This story is true in fact's condenced in part. 
Betty Garrity
         Ogidoda galvladi hehi   ~   Galvquodiyu gesesdi detsadovi.
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  Thank you for visiting
    Bo Bo Bear's website!
      It is an honor to have your here.

The Painting

Bo Bo Bear in The Meadow  


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Bo Bo's Psychic
A  Spirit gifted psychic/medium who considers her gift a sacred trust,
receiving  messages from the other side of life.
 Honest and caring in her work she can  relay
messages from loved ones who have passed over.
Animals are special to her in earth life and beyond.
She is excepting correspondence at:
Sarah  Bates
P.O Box  253
Martinsferry, Ohio   43935
or contact here
Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened" 
                ~ Anatole France


Garden Spirit
 Rebecca Anne
An Experience you will never forget
in this lifetime.
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The Lesson of the Feather

Spirit sometimes gives me little test,
 and this was truly one of them.
Needing some items from the store
 for the Fair Contest,
I set out in my car. 
Upon the dash are Bo's things on his side along with a huge Eagle Prayer Feather in the middle with turquoise, silver & leather braid . 
 On the front of the dash, on his side,
 is a picture of Bo Bo Bear with
two very unusual feather's....
one is a pure black fluff, one white.
The black one is unlike any other
I've ever found. 
Spirit leaves feathers for me to find and they hold messages.
Hope this isn't difficult to understand, it's like, pictures in the clouds.
Upon reaching the store,
I pulled into a parking place by a tree,
close to the door...both a miracle. 
 I had been driving with the windows down.
Bo always loved to poke his head out while riding, like all pups do. 
But, I had changed directions and the wind whipped the beautiful black feather out through the center of the window into the trees.  
Was I ever mad. I said bad words to the wind, etc. .  Looked for a long time for my special feather.
I finally went into the store
purchased my items, came back out,
looked for my feather, deciding it was gone forever,
I put the sacks in the car and went home.  I went about my activities, still upset about the feather. This sounds insane, but this was a special feather.
Later, I went to the car.
I opened the back door , leaned in to retrive an item,
and "Lo" there on his tray, with his little Poo Bear coat, was the missing beautiful black feather..... I heard a voice softly say,
"Whatever I take from you, I will return."      
This voice I know well.   
 I'm simply calling it the lesson of the feather, which is now in it's proper place again, on Bo's picture.
Think on "The Lesson of the Feather" that was given to me. 
May your day bring Blessings & Beauty.


Betty & Bo Bo Bear

The  Pathway

I have always believed
that dreams are devine guidance
from the Spirit World..
 in one fashion or another. Though sometimes hard to translate, it will come to you.
In this dream,
 I was in the White House, cleaning a large sitting room.  I apparently was married to the president, who looked like someone I lost long ago.
Bo Bo Bear was in his
favorite place under the coffee table, helping. I talked to him as I worked.
 I apparently was also expecting the president's baby.
He opened the door and looked in on us, smiled, then left.
We finished cleaning.
Bo Bo and I walked out through
 a lovely couryard, past large ornate
 iron gates.
I closed the gate and locked it,
 putting the key in the  left pocket
 of my sundress.
People were watching from inside, looking through the fenced-in area as I did this. No one spoke.
As I turned around,
everything changed to a beautiful wooded area with a path before me.
Bo Bo pranced happily, young and friskie before me, to my left.
I took off my sandals and carried
them in my hand. The path was warm as I walked.
The sun shown through the trees,
 a beautiful day.
I knew we were going home, Bo Bo showing me the way.
One day, I am sure this dream
will come true,
when I finish life's work
and shut the gates to it going into something new.
 I will walk the path home
 to see all those who have gone before me, even my beloved animals.
Bo Bo will show me the way.

Betty & Bo Bo Bear


Lake Eufala
Lake Eufaula

In Memory of
 Jerry  Lee  Tucker
1934 - 2007
 Today my brother walked into the land beyond time,
into the next life.
Before crossing he was talking of
"going fishing".
I'm  sure our father came for him, and that's  exactly what their doing, both avid fishermen in life.

  His ceremonial prayer feather for his earth service, is adorned with a pure white pearl, it represents the

Pearl of Great Price that we earn for walking through this life.

The lessons presented in life that we learn along the way are sometimes difficult, sometimes outright funny. Other times down right disastrous.

But we struggle through them. He was born in the moon of August, he walked home in the moon of August, he has always loved summer, it's the best for fishing.

  My brother loved life, his family, the animals, respected his Creator and nature greatly.

 I know the life he has walked into is one of beauty, as he visioned it. His spiritual body perfect in every way.

He was a handsome man in his physical life, he will be there, even youthful again.

With a smile as bright and comforting as the morning sun, as it was in this life.

  Walk proudly across my brother, you have earned the

" Pearl of Great Price,"

and walked into the land called

The Home Place, where family, friends, and animals you loved, are so happy to see you.

My love walks with you, thank you for becoming my brother.

Universal Law states that's an eternal commitment, I am proud to be your sister.

  You are free now, to fly with The Eagles.

                                       August 5, 2007 
 My brother had a beautiful service with full Military honors
 at the service and the gravesite, where he chose to put his earthly body. 
 Even bagpipes, which is a little different for Indians. But at the service, the song Amazing Grace was done in Cherokee. 
   I hope he was pleased with the services, and took time off from fishing to attend.
When people cross over they usually do like to see their service, and drop in occasionally, however they get real excited and busy over there.
Betty Garrity
         Lake Eufaula
In the beginning,
God created the earth
and all the creatures on it to be under the authority of humanity.
 He entrusted these beautiful elements of His creation to our care
we must give accountability one day. . .(Genesis 1:26).

"Though all creatures are subject to man's cruelty, God loves all His creation and has made plans for all His children and the lesser creatures to enjoy
His eternal Kingdom.
" Psalm 145:-9-10,13,15-21  


 Snowball was named so because my father said he was the watch dog and no one would know what to call him if he had to attack.....  ( :



  ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728 byte) In 1838 the Cherokee were stripped any of their rights as humans and forced to move against their will on 'The Trail of Tears' by the governments of Georgia and United States.

For the most part they are still treated this way. The Federal Government now seeks to strip them of their Nation statis and remove all funds of any kind, medical education, etc. though those from the south receive massive help to envade the United States.

Song  of Courage & Hope
 "When gold was found, the government forgot its treaties and drove the Cherokees to Indian Territory now called Oklahoma.... the song they sang on this trail was Amazing Grace....
thousands died due to this inhumane act of the white man's greed....
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My Eternal Rose
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