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 Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners    ~  ~     Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division

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               April 5 ~ 1998 
                                 June 1 ~ 2005

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Faulkner's  Prior Complaint's 
Music   is     "Extinct"
which is what his practice should have been long ago
    View the Texas Vet Board records available on  this    website
                                   { Discipline Actions of The Board " Orginal" records}         

There are two action's by The Board, one resulted because Faulkner ignored the first Board ruling, doing as he pleased, as usual.  Had The Board done their job correctly, his license would have been revoked .  Also had the Attorney General's office represenative  Dewey Helmcamp, not dropped the legal ball on many issues in this case , he would have been prosecuted.   I also find it strange that  Helmcamp is now Director of the TSVMB,  favors from the past perhaps. .  ( :      However, many years have passed and  Faulkner still practices as he choses without regard to rules or ethics of the Veternary profession, while the Board still looks the other way. . .Click on their website above to view their record. . . Other complaints filed over the years resulted in dismissel, thereby sealing any record of these complaints to be viewed by the general public. Secrecy, is the Board's greatest weapon against The Public, in their total aim of Vet Protection at all cost.
 Are you under the impression that The Board dismisses a complaint read the shocking truth:
 View Secrecy's dangerous side effects played by The Texas  State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners on these pages  
                                                                         The Board Expossed       &         Before The Board 

                                                ~ ~    NEW   the  ISAR   report  read  here    ~ ~

Directly from the Texas Vet Board   "orginal"  records available on this  website

Public  "revised" records obtained directly from the Vet Board: records available on their  website:
  The Board recently revised these records  for  "all disciplined Vet's " to make them look less offensive. . .also removed some postings . . .   click  orginal records site at top for detailed orginal postings.

Posted Public Records by : the  TSBVME

read  here
                   Veterinary Malpractice is the number 1 cause of harm to companion animals (quote from the ISAR)

                                        The Companion Animal Protection Alliance
     Pet owners don't know about Veternarian abuse because the problem is hidden.  The press won't cover it and the veterinary industry covers it up.
    In fact, in spite of the fact that veterinary malpractice is the #1 cause of harm to companion animals, veterinarians are consistently ranked by the public as one fo the most honest and trustworthy professions.  A look behind the veil of secrecy shows otherwise.
   Malpractice takes many forms including:
  • Outright abuse:  hitting, deliberately injuring or killing animals in their care.  (Did you know that practicing veterinarians are exempt from animal cruelty laws in most states?)
  • Unnecessary and even experimental surgeries, procedures, and drug regimens, often without owner knowledge or consent.
  • Failure to take the necessary steps to achieve an accurate diagnosis, sometimes resulting in wrong and even contraindicated treatments with serious consequences, up to and including death
  • The widespread use of unqualified, untrained or inadequately trained and unlicensed staff to perform medical functions, such as anesthetic induction and monitoring, administration of drugs, and other invasive procedures
  • Failure to provide your pet with the "standard of care" including failure to adequately treat disease.  This may also include failure to do bloodwork (pre-anesthetic screening) before surgery, failure to check for drug interactions, use of improper or old x-ray machines and other diagnostic equipment that do not yield any useful information
  • Unsanitary conditions that can lead to infections including MRSA
  • Incompetence, such as failure to suture properly after a spay resulting in internal hemmorhaging
  • Negligence, such as failure to monitor a patient who is recovering from surgery, or leaving a critically ill animal alone overnight
  • Failure to refer a pet to a specialist when the pet's medical problems are beyond the vets clinical abilities (such as failing to refer to an experienced specialist for a type of surgery that the vet has never or rarely performed before, and doing the surgery themselves)
  • Medical errors such as those committed in human medicine
  • Failure to discose to the pet owner risks associated with procedures or drugs
  • Failure to provide adequate or accurate instructions to the pet owner

Each year in each state, many veterinarians are disciplined by the State Board of Veterinary Medicine for such violations.  Yet, for every vet who is disciplined approximately 9 more have had complaints filed against them by distressed, often grieving owners, only to have their cases dismissed by these boards, made up of veterinary cronies.   Moreover, in those few cases where State Boards do take action, the results are rarely publicized, and the pet owning public remains dangerously unaware of the dangerous vets in their midst.  Most states do not make vets' disciplinary histories public on the web, and those that do often seem to go out of their way to make it hard to find, access, or understand. 

Aside from the State Vet Boards, the only other recourse for these aggrieved individuals and their pets is the courts.  But bringing a veterinary malpractice lawsuit is out of economic reach for most pet owners, and few lawyers have experience in bringing these kinds of cases.

The Companion Animal Protection Alliance was formed in part to help make the public aware of the problem of veterinary malpractice, to push for reform of a system that does not protect our pets, ... be continued

          Stefani Olsen

           The Toonces Project

How proud are you of the way our State Office's are controlled.

   Where does the main problem lie,

 perhaps with the Governor's Office,

   division of Appointments. The process need's change, a

   very drastic one.

If the Vet Board consist of an imbalance of Vet's

   with only Vet's in control of the main or high position's,

as it is now

   it will remain a Vet Protection Agency. If it is controlled by Public

   Member's, it will become a Public Protection State Office, as it was

  originally designed to be.  My opinion, all Boards are off balance.

  It's called

  "Protect the livelihood of the profession, at all cost".


   Ogidoda galvladi hehi   ~   Galvquodiyu gesesdi detsadovi.

All truth passes through three stages:
First it is ridiculed
Second  it is violently Opposed
Third  it is accepted as being self evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer
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                                   "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
                                   can be judged on the way its animals are treated." -                                                                            Mahatma Gandi 

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Research Findings
Approximately 85% to 90%
of all veterinary complaints filed with  State Boards are
as no  violation found.
 Many times there is  overwhelming evidence supporting  the negligence allegations, yet the  State Boards dismiss anyway.
These  Boards, that are charged with  protecting the public, spend much  more time protecting guilty  veterinarians  instead.


 Research Discovery Fact 
This isn't the first time that a complaint has been filed with the State Board against David Faulkner, DVM.
    Click here
for the State's Disciplinary Records


Livelihood Protection
Many Vet's have long records of
complaints filed against them.
These complaints are hidden
by The Board after being declared  
"no violation found"! by friends in the profession.
The public has a right to be informed of these records, upon request. However they are blocked by this agency calling them confidential records of the Board using/twisting  a very old law on record.

Bo Bo Bear
Assistance Animal
I couldn't tell Mom what they
were doing to me, I only speak Lhasa  Apso. I tried to be brave but the pain was horrible. They knew how much they were hurting me and didn't care. This Vet &
his Staff  are  Monsters


Animals are neither property nor pets they are companions. We share this highway we travel to wherever it ultimately leads 

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The National Animal Abuse Registry website:

      this includes Vets ! 

   Read Jack Wolfson's 
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 Research Findings
Approximately 85% to 90%
of all veterinary complaints filed with  State Boards are
as no  violation found.
 Many times there is  overwhelming evidence supporting  the negligence allegations, yet the  State Boards dismiss anyway.
These  Boards, that are charged with  protecting the public, spend much  more time protecting guilty  veterinarians  instead.  

Two Wolves - A Cherokee Parable


   False Advertisement
 appears in the
Amarillo City phone directory concerning Faulkners Clinic.
There is no human animal bond honor there...nor compassion.
His goal is to seperate you from your animal, so you will have no clue as to what they do. 

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by James Jacobson

Animals are neither property nor pets they are companions.

We share this highway we travel to wherever it ultimately leads 

NOTICE:   This is a PUBLIC SERVICE   website designed to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act both  proven and alleged, by David Faulkner, DVM ~
 Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners     ~   ~     The Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division
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