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Assistance  Animal
        April 5 ~ 1998 
                       June 1 ~ 2005

In Loving Memory of  
Bo Bo Bear
     ~ No patient should be in worse condition due to the fact they saw their doctor ~ no doctor should be allowed to inflict pain ~ .
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              Statements  presented to The Board as " Public Records "         
       In the deepest belief of my soul I think that when The Creator of All created life it was his  intention that all life in any form was to be held sacred and respected.  When I see an injustice of this belief as I have in the methods of State Board and the Veterinarian practices of cases before them, that they are supposed to monitor for ethics of only to protect the livelihood of, it becomes an issue that I feel all should know about and be concerned about. Thus the reason for the site of Bo Bo Bear and the information it contains. 
       Bo Bo was allowed no justice, as thousands of animals have not, and also blocked from other justice recourse by the Board, that recently has been called,  " Texas Elitist Veterinary Cartel “ in the equine dental practitioners law suit filed against the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.   I give my utmost approval in their efforts, and agree with their statement's, in a nutshell, it's all about   MONEY  not skill.  Now whose livelihood is the Board invading? The Board thought they could by pass these skilled professionals by canceling a meeting in which they were supposed to be able to speak, well ignore them now, Oh Great Board. As you have been the general public for years.

                                           Victory for Texas Entrepreneurs and Horse Owners

            News Release November 10, 2010   Click Here to View


 Patients Have Rights. . .

  The civil justice system belongs to all of us, and no one should be allowed to use it to keep the public in the dark. Nor use  a requirement, rule or outdated law, that keeps the strongest smoking-gun evidence out of public view. Some intrepid plaintiffs and their lawyers refuse to play the secrecy game.  

  When a few lawyers cut secret deals behind the public's back, what we don't know can and  does hurt us.  It is simply unacceptable as a matter of public policy to permit secret deals that conceal evidence of dangers to the public. Thus more information appearing on the Internet from victims of the system, preparing the general public for dissapointment in assuming these  designed government agencies  will be of protection or  assistance.                                                            

      The following is a statement of public record made and presented to the Board for their October meeting.   It is based on my experience, research, private investigators, as well as other sources.  The Board in order to ignore the public imposes a 3 minute time limit on our  few statements,  thus the reason this is short, it does not matter how intense the subject nor what the person defined as "general public" has gone to in personal efforts and travel expense to sit before the great wizards. Due to the fact I could not travel the long journey this time, this statement was presented through channels of the Board and may or may not have become part of written public record, as designed by their own rules.  I however am assuming, with hesitantly, that they did process my request, and it is my right to publish.

Betty Garrity


    { Note:  future statements to the board will be listed  below  this one as they occur, my first statement appears on The Board/A Closer Look  page, my objections to the methods of cases before them}            

Before The Board

     I am Betty Garrity, I filed complaint # 06297 intentional destruction of an assistance animal. I spent one year in heavy research before submitting my formal complaint. My soul forever marked from the horror.

     My understanding was that,

   "The purpose of the Board of Veterinary Medicine is to promote public health, safety and welfare by safeguarding the public against incompetent, unscrupulous and unauthorized persons and from unprofessional or illegal practices by persons licensed to practice veterinary medicine. This profession is supposed to hold ethics and moral obligations, upon swearing of the oath to begin practice. 

    Apparently, this is not the case, my research shows most Vets do whatever they wish however they wish.  Many lifeless animal bodies in the wake of their desire to rule in any method they chose.

     During research, I discovered, the Boards methods of operation over the years,  I was not impressed.   Due to this I created a website for matter's of concern in these issues.     This web site went up long before I received the predicted and expected, normal form letter of dismissal, given to over 90% of complainants who have filed.  

I was not surprised, however I was appalled at the length this process went to for total protection of the vet filed against, .a process that does not even know what an assistance animal is or the laws that protectone nor follow it's own rules .  Along with " The Code of Silence amongVets" my case did not have a chance, no matter what I submitted.

    I have heard a lot about, minimum   standard of care,  this seems to mean, anything goes in the vet's clinic that they wish, from surgery, medications, treatment by anyone employed, without consent, or knowledge of the client.  Abuse   rampant, inflicted for the enjoyment of the offender.

     The Board process protects their livelihood, as they refer to it.    The money keeps rolling in for the Vet, however he wishes to procure it, which funnels some of it back into the Board system. They then use a lot of it for mental & drug abuse programs for Vet's who shouldn't even hold a license. With the TVMA standing guard....  As the money turns, the public and the animals suffer. Complaint content ignored, dismissals standard fare.

     Perhaps the clue is, who in the system of The Board is paid a salary, and who donates their time, or  perhaps  it's in who received   a green package.   The answer to the low percentage rate of discipline actions lies somewhere, and like the curtain that protected the identity of   The Wizard of Oz,  this curtain will fall.

    Please visit Bo's web site, the rest of the world is.  It's called ;

     "In Loving Memory of Bo Bo Bear ". . He suffered a cruel needless death.  He was my baby.  Best friend. Constant helper, my lifeline, I loved him more than my own life.  To realize there is no Justice available in any form is unbelievable.

    The Creator of all things watched these events, how does he see your part in these facts.

 Betty Garrity


               The following courtesy of Stefani Olsen and    The Toonces' Project

Before The Board

February 14th 2008

  I am Betty Garrity, I filed complaint # 06297 intentional destruction of an assistance animal. I spent one year in heavy research before submitting my formal complaint, beginning in June of 2005.

  There after filing, I have tried in vain to work with this Board on issues concerning this case, as well as others. The Board blocking every issue like a giant shield in an Ancient Trojan War, well trained in their craft of, protecting the Veterinarian's charged, or their main concern, their source of income for one of their own, livelihood as they refer to it. Nothing should interfere with this goal,  life & death concern's of the public concerning their animal and experience, an incidental. As we know, Troy burned.  However  you dragged the wooden horse into your Troy a long time ago,  known as the Apple of Discord, concerning your system.

  I find very few individuals on this Board who have real concern, most are more so concerned with who they are than what they are doing or their job consist of,  or a political future push.   Surprisingly there are some who sit here with grave concern's. I commend those individuals, you know who you are, and are not.   For those not concerned if your problem is, you don't get paid to sit on this Board, I suggest you resign.

  In my research of  flaws in the system, are number one, "the investigators", exactly how are these people chosen, certainly not for their knowledge of animal or medical issues. I have read carefully each background and resume, and personally see very little that would qualify them for their position's. I understand in the future, they will work from home or other area's, with a raise.  I don't find this strange, apparently they have never been monitored.. . . Yes,  I am qualified to give this opinion, as my professional background will indicate. 

  I call your attention to another very serious issue:   No one knows, what an assistance animal is nor the law's that protect them, both State and Federal are very strong. They don't seem to be enforced in any manner by anyone, or even noticed. This includes other law enforcement agencies, and the Animal Law division of the Texas State Bar. The following  few laws may be of future assistance to you should you ever decide to properly conduct an investigation.

 From The Office of The Governor ~ State of Texas:

 Protection of Assistance Animals:

An assistance animal and services from an organization that trains assistance animals can range from $10,000 to $60,000, upward depending on the service needed.

These animals guide people who are blind, alert individuals who are hearing impaired or pull people in wheelchairs, "also other assignments".  When an assistance animal is injured or killed, the person with a disability not only loses the benefits of the animal's assistance but experiences an economic loss.

An assistance animal is protected from assault, harassment, interference, death, or injury in any way from a person or an animal.


Attacks (class A misdemeanor, fine up to $4,000), Injures (state jail felony, 180 days and up to $10,000), or Kills (felony of the third degree, 2 to 10 years and up to $10,000).  

These laws do not exclude a Vet. . . .

 To read the actual law go to

 Assistance Animal Protections in House Bill 2881Penalty for Harm of Assistance Animals:

 Kills (felony of the third degree, 2 to 10 years and up to $10,000). Verify the actual law go to ~  

 Contact local law enforcement agencies to report violations of this law.

State Bar of Texas Animal Law Section:

Texas Assistance Animal Protection Act:

H.B.ANo.A2881 AN ACT relating to prohibiting an attack on an assistance animal; creating an offense. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: SECTIONA1.AASection 121.003(j), Human Resources Code, is amended to read as follows: (j)AAA person may not assault, harass, interfere with, kill, or injure in any way, or attempt to assault, harass, interfere with, kill, or injure in any way, an assistance animal.

     I also again refer you to the web site created for my assistance animal Bo Bo Bear, though destroyed recently it has been repaired and once again is on view for the world to see, with the issues of concern regarding the treatment of all animals and the conduct of those who control those issues. Many of these issues are international, along with Texas and the US, in general. I will put forward the best of my ability to change the way animals are treated in this world. I do not wish to stand before my creator one day in the future and try to explain why I did not, do you ?

    He created the animals before man, and put them into our care with instructions. These instruction's are not being followed. .

    How fond are you of your own soul  .  .  .                                                                  

   Happy Valentine's Day !                     


Before The Board
June 19th 2008

Good Morning;   I am Betty Garrity, I filed complaint # 06297 intentional destruction of an assistance animal. His case presented in fine detail for conviction of his demise, dismissed without review or proper procedure.

Apparently few connected with the Board know the laws connected with an assistance animal or really what one is. I assure you Bo was a very special life entity, a priceless one that can never be replaced. His life taken simply in the name of greed and revenge, his destructor protected by those of the same mire, how senseless.

Bo's web site has gained international attention in his issues with this Board, his job now even greater in esteem, than that he held in life.

To our new public board member, we support you fully, please do not be deceived by your new out numbered surroundings. We hope this is a mutual effort, and you truly represent the public.

Public advocates have noted the new appointees to the Board, flooding my office with  comments, bringing to my attention the fact that quite a few who sit on this Board enjoy the sport of kill hunting for enjoyment. This doesn't surprise me, as one of the things the public advocates have been objecting to is that the Board protects the Veterinarians who kill for sport/fun and cover the crime by lies calling it medical, old age, staff error, whatever they can conjure. There also seems to be an imbalance of public members and protection vet members, a standard long term discrimination policy; instilled by past lesislative errors. Some members also have or do now sit on the TVMA and connected boards. Simple intelligence would suggest a red flag here, a certain imbalanced see-saw we shall say.

I note on the Texan's for Public Justice page publication, which highlights how appointments are given, it shows the secret is possible campaign donations. I guess this explains why many that were available or applied over time who would be well qualified, have possibly been by-passed. Also explains why one of the rules to applying is to be a registered voter, showing a record of vote. Those of you who bought your chair in one form or another, for a professional step up, know who you are and are not, we won't go into detail. It would also appear those chosen, as a rule have little time for Board duty, due to their own business, other responsibility, other status boards, etc. No wonder dismissal of complaints are over 90%. The Public would have preferred all appointments over time were made because of qualifications, background, respect for animals, and public interest protection. Since this is what the Compact of Texas mistakenly defines this agency as "public protection".  I urge the public to keep up with this publication, it reviews many issues of Texas that the rest of the world questions as proper conduct of civilized humans.

Will Public Advocates give up trying to balance this see-saw to actually gain our equal rights within a system that was supposedly designed for our protection in the first place, hardly.  One day an actual public person will sit as president as it should be,  also fill other chairs of importance, only then will we actually be represented. Until then you are only an extension of your own TVMA, we are not fooled into thinking anything else, but nice try.

In my experiences with the Board, I've noticed that the Investigators have more control than anyone, this is in my belief not a good idea. It defeats the purpose of the Board in many directions. Like children on a playground with no rules, or supervision they run amuck with the power of freedom, in total control of the complaint.

It has also caught my attention from statements of the last meeting, that this Board feels it does not have the respect it thinks it is due. Perhaps I am just old fashioned as my silver hair will indicate, however respect in the past has always been something you earn not demand. This has been a fact from the beginning of time, the animal kingdom will validate this.

I close with the comment of, The Creator of All watches All, never think he does not.  Nothing is secret before him. The animals are his alone, we only borrow their presence as a privilege. Money and power are only earthly items, one day all that ends. What will your record say when it is read before him. He looks at respect, strongly, will you have earned his. . .

Thank you for your attention today.

Irish Pronunciation : dif:    IPA: /ˈmɪrʲɪ/   [edit] Noun    mire f.    1.    insanity, dementia, madness

Before The Board
October 16th 2008

I am Betty Garrity, originator of : The Bo Bo Bear web site which is known Internationally for his issues with the Board. I filed complaint # 06297, intentional destruction of an assistance animal by his vet, submitting a huge file.

I would like to take a moment this morning to publicly thank  Greg  &  Cindy Munson, for their tireless efforts in protecting the rights of the public and their animals.  Also Vet Abuse Network, founder Julie Catalano with her efforts of many years. Both efforts vital as it is apparent to the Public especially after the last meeting vote on rules change, that the Public has no actual representation on this Board.

According to the Dallas television news interviews concerning this Board one of your members expressed that when a case is reviewed the reviewing vets look at it in the perspective of, "what they would do in the same instances".

So I as a complainant with much knowledge of this issue can only assume that you would as a Veterinarian with an animal case before you; will ignore all comments by the animals owner, as my complaint was. Refuse to obtain informed consent to treat the animal prior to any procedure. Refuse to refer the case to a professional more capable. Violate many issues of the medical profession for a Veterinarian.

That you are a little blurry on the concept of who actually owns the animal, and proceed as if all decisions are yours alone, you need no permission whatsoever, no matter what the Veterinary Practice Act statutes outline. You Can't read the x-ray's you took, or the results from the lab. If you goof up you will just lie to cover the situation. Change your paperwork and whatever else it involves to protect yourself. Your entitled to ignore all laws of the profession and the standard of care, none of the rules apply to you.

You will hide behind staff, tech's, your spouse, family members who work for you, your friends in the profession, while blaming the animal and owner for all your twisted actions .  You would charge outrageous sums for each visit, replace real drugs with placebo . . . after all you can sell the real one's for humans just outside the back door who will pay even more. Extract teeth unnecessarily, and other acts of cruelty to the animal without the clients knowledge for fun in viewing pain.

You will then murder the animal as a revenge motive for something someone else was responsible for, and sport, because the owner dared question you. With your skill you would arrange this so that the death of this animal would take place before the owners eyes knowing it would have a traumatic effect on them as a human with deep love and concern for this animal. This is called sadistic pleasure.

You would then attack the owner in full force as they stood holding the body in torment of the event asking why? , because at that time they did not know you were a Monster.  And after they sought justice with what they believed to be an ethical State Board to protect others, you would then file a massive law suit against them to silence them, it's your usual M O, so to speak. Because you know the Board well and know they will drop the case in a heart beat rather than get involved with a law suit. That under the table deals can be made to protect your livelihood.

Then strange things would happen in the complainants life, accidents, fires, property damage, a random bullet, strange phone calls, threats on their web contact forms, etc. Because you are a veterinarian who would look at and do the same things in the same situation. Ethics has no place in your profession.

When I first filed my case I held in my heart respect for the office I filed with of at least 99 %, today before you I can truthfully state, I hold none whatsoever, because from my experience with this Board you have put yourselves in the position as outlined in the Channel 11 newscast, the same as the vet filed against. You will go to any lengths and change all the rules to rule totally in every instance, just as the Vet under supposed investigation did. The public see's this on a constant basis.

Until my life of guilt also ends, I will spend as much of it as possible to inform the Public you are suppose to protect, as to your methods of protection. Because from my long term observation, I know in it's present statue it will not change. However, you may rest assured change will come.

Thank You for your attention today.

tr.v. sav·aged, sav·ag·ing, sav·ag·es
1. To assault ferociously.
2. To attack without restraint or pity
a. Mentally ill or disturbed.
b. Unwholesome, morbid, or sadistic: a sick crime.

Before The Board
June 11, 2009
"Good Morning, Betty Garrity, Amarillo, Texas"
  The Board is familiar with my web site, also the complaint of intentional destruction of an assistance animal by his Vet.  Dismissed without review, interview or proper procedure by the system of this Board, as many others have been. Also presented was an additional case of refusal of records from my expert witness Vet in these matters, he chose what is called the code of silence for a brother not ethics. This also dismissed, violating rule # 573.52 (b & C) of professional conduct, of your own rules. These disciplinary actions were mandated, copies of those records should have been released, but then you would have no recourse in protecting both Vet's had you followed those rules.

  This Board's system refused to honor an Attorney General Opinion in my favor, concerning these matters. You would have been caught in your own web had you done so. Several opinions in the public's favor have been ignored. Are you aware of what the Attorney General Office of Texas does? I guess not since you consider yourselves above the ultimate decision in the laws of Texas.

  After years of observing your methods of operation it would appear that they are those of power and control directed at anyone who objects to your methods, including the Attorney General's Office; with high protection of any Vet who is filed against. I have not observed public protection as outlined in the Compact of Texas, but then the public does not pay dues into this system, simply tax money.

  We work many hours with much expense to call attention to these facts along with our simple request for equal rights in proceedings. We are granted 3 minutes of ignoring us while Vet's and others receive an unlimited time favor. If I were the governor of the State and had signed any one of your appointments then learned of these methods, I would be appalled. Your adamant refusal to work with the public's objections on discrimination has been constant. May we remind you that the public is the reason this Board exist.

  The immediate dismissal of any case in which the Vet has filed a lawsuit against a client is also noted, a quick out for their malpractice or death of our animals. This would involve the Board in a legal issue that might be to our advantage and reveal the truth in it's highest form in a court of law. The lawsuit filed against myself by the Vet, has been a continuing nightmare of mental torture with great expense, many I know have experienced the same events. Unfortunately Texas is a SLAPP suit state, Vets delight in using this method to escape any discipline by the Board, thereby using it as a tool to win in court. In reality The Board never saw the complaint it was dismissed in an administrative process. You should simply give up the pretense and redo the sign on the door to " Veterinarian Protection Services. "

  Concerning the board member who contacted me via a method thinking they were anonymous this way, expressing your opinion of my issues with the Board is one thing, telling me to get off my pity potty an so forth; however your cruelty directed at me concerning my ancestors who were forced marched in the dead of winter at gun point by the federal government, intentionally resulting in four almost five thousand lives, are those of a mental problem. May I say to you, these were mostly innocent children who died of starvation or freezing. However this does give me a view of the way you will view the issues of helpless animals who are the source of public complaints. Children and animals have no voice or choice, they can only suffer in matters of this nature. While so called humans who are in power enjoy the pain.   ~   Incidently The Cherokee Nation did survive.

   This Board has one problem that cannot be out maneuvered by ignoring,  The Great Spirit who created all, watches all. The animals are his, he only loans them to us as companions on this pathway called life, one day that pathway opens the doors of eternal life. Then you shall remember he created them before man. Eternity is ours according to our actions,  animals unconditionally by his grace.

  Thank you for permitting my presence today, with my statement of public record.

         In the beginning, God created the earth and all the creatures on it to be under the authority of humanity
        He entrusted these beautiful elements of His creation to our care we must give accountability one day. . .

        (Genesis 1:26).

   I have wondered, since the board is so strong on giving Vets the complaint filed by the complaintant
  before sending their records, etc so they may craft their answers to the complaint ....
  do they also give them a cheat sheet  for the medical examine so they can pass with flying colors ? 
  I notice their grade averages are very high. . . Food for thought  (  :

Before The Board

October 26th 2009

Good Morning: Betty Garrity, originator of  the Bo Bo Bear web site which is known internationally for his issues with the board.

The one thing that stands out in this meeting of the board is the purposed  intentional flip flop change of §575.28 COMPLAINTS – INVESTIGATIONS, it appears the protection dragon for the Veterinarian Profession of Texas raises his ugly head in defense to change this rule back to the disgraceful position it was originally. My guess is TVMA came down on you for not bowing to their wishes here, with protecting the public interest instead. As of course this office was designed to do, why is  public protection shoved aside in favor of a powerful agency. Can you honestly live with the guilt  by voting for reversing this rule. 

Perhaps the board is confused as to why public members are appearing before you, let me enlighten this for you.

We are not here to bring attention only to our own personal cases that the board destroyed completely, to protect the livelihood of the Vetnarians envolved; but to bring public attention the  fact that the majority of others who come after us with their complaints will be treated in the same manner. Cases are tossed like used kleenex with no thought as to the reason for complaint, it's whatever the Vet who committed the offence replies, by drafting their defence from the complaintants submission which they are so hurridly given by the boards administrative proceedure.

In all the rules change, proceedures of this board, I find this statement stands out constantly;

" Dewey E. Helmcamp III, Executive Director, has determined " what happened to the board, they seem to have disappeared since Dewey came ( :

Excuse me, but where is the Texas State Board of Veternary Medical Examiners also The Compact of Texas to protect the public and their animals ? We don't expect an answer, we already know, it does not exsist as designed.

You still have this one little problem, the Creator of all, watches and notes all, the animals are his not ours.

Please note that my statement today is public record of this agency, will be posted on Bo's web site, viewed by a record number of persons on a constant basis.  Also viewed are Texas Board Watch, U-Tube, and other sites created by concerned citizens of Texas. You designed your own glass house without realizing the consequences.  The world also watches the actions of this board.

Enjoy the remainder of your day, and yes we will return, we are the public.

   * Psalms 50:10-11

 def:   confusion    [kənˈfjuːʒən]
Complete misundertanding of a persons words, thoughts or actions or heard or seen.
To create or contrive for a particular purpose or effect: 

    cc:  Office of The Governor ~ State of Texas 


Before The Board:

March 22, 2010       "Good Morning, Betty Garrity, Amarillo, Texas"

This morning I would like to comment on the boards adamant attention to rules, regulations and laws, of  which the rules are changed constantly to suit a purpose apparently your own. Laws, rules as such are designed usually for the benefit of those who need protection. In cases before this board that is most often the Veterinarian, as such those which benefit the public are bypassed. Thus all your changes which ensure this.

Even if by some miracle those that benefit a complainant were acknowledged, they are not enforced. To be of any benefit enforcement must be presented in full and adhered to. Is this ever going to happen, probably not, because of the structure of the board in its present form, with its adamant attitude of one-sided protection.

An example: Your destruction of the public logs to prevent complying with an Attorney General opinion directed to you several times. An insult to the highest authority expression of law in Texas. Complainants have obtained other favorable opinions, only to have them bypassed by twisted interpretations or wording in new opinion request of the board.

In the future we hope to see great changes in this structure that enforce The Compact of Texas, as this apparently has never occurred in any amount of effort, it's as if no such thing existed or ever existed. As I've stated before, The Compact of Texas might as well have been tossed in a paper shredder, it apparently holds no influence what so ever.

A recent Direct Attorney General's opinion gave "The Complainant" some ray of hope that there will be changes in this system to benefit also protection of the general public as it was intended when structured. However this was cleverly bypassed by another request for opinion in twisting the word "Public" to include "Complainant", also not disclosing all the facts of past procedure. I can assure you those of us who have grave concerns for this will always be monitoring closely.

I have been concerned about the veterinarian profession for years, and find the (very) older vets do have more professional and ethical qualities. In present day it is more akin to greed and organized crime than a profession.

Since my experience, I have studied and dwelt on the reasons this profession is lacking in much, I believe it goes back to some of the educational and teaching institutions, as you will Universities. There are many excellent teaching and research institutions of Veterinarian medicine with compassion and goals to pave the way for excellent lives for animals; as in all professions the good ~ the bad ~ and the ugly. Just as with the people who have animals, most have not a clue, preferring to listen to a profession that is lacking in ethics and humane methods, not using common knowledge. On a national level, Texas is toward the top of the list of offenders for both.

Until all this changes we can only pray that the future holds better systems for treatment of the animals and those who cherish them as companions. You will see Intrinsic Value for animals in the future, then a complainant will have a different source of protection; apparently the board as presently structured will never be one. In the future you will be made aware of what assistance animals are even looking at state and federal laws that protect them, try twisting those for vet protection after Intrinsic Value is a law also.

Animals have feelings too,   pain, suffering and destruction should not be among them.

Your system now for complainants is similar to,  if a person was in a car accident of a nature where it was the offenders fault.

A truck has hit you, totals your new car, it's dead so to speak, by God's grace your not. You try to get information on the truck that destroyed your cherished property, "your car", only to be met with supposed facts that state you are allowed no information. No name of driver, no insurance number, there's even mud on the license plate so you cannot read it. Everything involved is protection of the offender. This truck was in your lane he hit head on, it's apparent who's fault it was, but you have nothing to defend your case with in a court of law, or otherwise.

According to those in charge of investigating the accident version of legal, you pay the price of the truck and your car, don't dare ask a question, you have no rights. All is secret, the offender protected in full, your even changed in name to John Doe Public, not the complainant. You're a simple by-stander, an annoyance to the investigation goal of protection of the offender.

I hope this is exactly what happens to each and every person who has fought to keep our rightful information a secret, when they know exactly what is written law. Perhaps it will happen to a family member, a loved one, child or your home. Then you will know the feeling of corruptness of justice. Your rights as the complainant were none.

Dwell on the fact that our Creator is the final justice, you will get to explain your version of justice to him one day. Good Luck on that !!! ( :

Thank you for your attention today, enjoy your lunch. I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                              

            Note:   In order to assist those of the board who missed the class in law school, the following is provided, compliments of the written laws of Texas.   In general the whole area of law, including ~ International and Common Law of ancient time.

Legal Terms & Definitions below:

COMPLAINANT:   the one who files the suit, same as   plaintiff.   (click the link)

COMPLAINT:  legal paper that starts a case; the written statement by the plaintiff about  the legal claims against the defendant.

PLAINTIFF:   the person who started the case,  the Complaintant   DEFENDANT:  the person the case is brought against

Parties:     The plaintiff(s) and the defendant(s).sb

PER CURIAM OPINION:   opinion of the whole court as distinguished from an opinion written by a specific judge. 

PUBLIC:  By the term the public, is meant the whole body politic, or all the citizens of the state; sometimes it signifies the inhabitants of a particular place; as, the New York public.A distinction has been made between the terms public and general, they are sometimes used as synonymous. The former term is applied strictly to that which concerns all the citizens and every member of the state; while the latter includes a lesser, though still a large portion of the community. This term is sometimes joined to other terms, to designate those things which have a relation to the public; as, a public officer, a public road, a public passage, a public house.

 cc:  Office of     The Governor ~ State of Texas

 cc:  Office of    The Attorney General ~ State of Texas

Before The Board

June 28th 2010

" Betty Garrity, Amarillo, Texas"

First I would like to take a moment  to publicly thank the office of the Attorney General,  for their tireless research into the legal opinions requested resulting in favor of complainants. These efforts vital to public protection in the issues presented. Especially Greg Abbots clairfication of a very old opinion that will no longer allow hidden lies on vets response to complaints in the future, as protection for vets interpertaion of the board did in the past. In reality the complainant should have always had the  provision clarified  automaticly.  Common sence would identify the difference between the public and a complainant/plaintiff position.

However this board basically thumbed its nose at the Attorney General in these matters with non compliance of various opinions, a blatant disrespect to one of the highest defining expressions of Texas written law. In reply to the adamant objection of this practice, I personally  informed the Attorney General of each issue and will continue to do so.

The office of the Attorney General informs me that they have no jurisdiction over the activities of the Texas State Veterinarian Board of Medical Examiners, nor enforcement of opinions issued by the Attorney General Office; personally I find this not only appalling but unbelievable. I'm informed this is because the board is also a state office. I've never claimed to be the brightest crayon in the box on formal issues, this made sense, however I also was aware he serves and protects the rights of all citizens of Texas through the activities of the various divisions of the agencies, and extended my efforts.

Other sources reveal the Veterinary Medical Examiners claim to be a private company categorized under Veterinary Services. The citizens of Texas need to know which is reality, is this board a State Agency that is suppose to protect the public abiding by protocol of laws of this state? Or is it just a private company with a State title that is allowed to run rampant on the Public; because this allows you to not be monitored by the Attorney Generals office or other law enforcement agency of Texas. An organized business that has no fear of legal repercussions on any subject, and flaunts that issue. Reminds me strongly of the old 1990 Opinion letter that you used so many years to deceive the complainants who were brave enough to step forward and file a complaint. The Attorney General personally issued a new clarifying opinion in these matters, much to your dismay. It would appear another clarification is in order as to the boards purpose, though I'm not sure where that responsibility lies at this time.  Indications are that of the Governor's office, he has not responded at this time.

When you go to the extreme of insulting the Attorney General with your power and control issues; I'm speechless to comment.  I would mention it is very apparent that the public has never had  actual representation of this board in it's long term stucture.

Enjoy the remainder of your day, and yes we will return. My extensive research has exposed a different motive, however we are the public this board was supposedly orginally designed for.

Thank you for your attention today.

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protocol ['pr??t??k?l]

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the formal etiquette and code of behaviour, precedence, and procedure for state. b. A code of correct conduct

cc:  Office of     The Governor ~ State of Texas

 cc:  Office of    The Attorney General ~ State of Texas

    December 7,2016
   In 2010 we gave up trying to deal with this board and state offices concerning the Board?s corrupt operation on a full scale basis. Opting with prayer to wait for the next Texas Sunset Commission Session. I would like to state this Commission needs to meet more often.  However the following is the present results of their session review of the TSBVME  we hope to see great result and total destruction with a ? NEW ?  system fully in force that actually protects the public and animals. Will keep you posted !
                                                          Click here to read  Texas  Bill 319
        Our Opinion: 05/07/2017
The Board should have been totally demolished, then appears they left many bad seeds to sprout again...this bill and results will be only a State Office protection of another.



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Bless the beasts and the children
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Animals are neither property nor pets they are companions.

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The word “Animal” comes from
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 Animals are neither property nor pets they are companions.

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