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NOTICE:   This is a PUBLIC SERVICE  website to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act  proven and alleged, by David Faulkner DVM
The  Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners   ~   ~    The  Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division

Assistance Animal
     April 5 ~ 1998   
                                                                  Entered  This  Life
  June 1 ~ 2005  ~
                                                                   Entered  Life  Eternal

In Loving Memory of  
Bo Bo Bear
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     ~ All our dreams can come true ~ we have only to pursue them with faith in a higher power ~ .
   About Me   
Music is:     "Unchained Melody"

This website was created as a tribute to Bo Bo Bear, who brought me much happiness, love, and devotion during his lifetime, and  apparently, has never really left me.  He was not an animal to me, but my best friend. 

       Death can never separate you from those you love or who love you. It is  a very definite strong Universal Law, instilled by   ~ ~ ~  The Creator of all things  ~ ~ ~
The Great Spirit  ~  who I give thanks to for my gifts and the metaphysical knowledge he has granted to me.   Though I do not feel worthy, I am honored.

     Coming from American Indian heritage ~  The Cherokee Nation  ~ 
the love of animals was   a  very natural part of my genes. As a child, my playmates were those of the animal kingdom   the  raccoon named Chiya  a squirrel named Jenny   ~ a white sacred possum named Sosksua ~
a skunk named Joywa  along with horses calves  a runt piglet always a puppy  this could go on, but you get the picture. To those who would go eek about my skunks.  It is easy to deactivate their protection system of the stinky substance, but if you dont frighten them, this is not necessary. My father, who was an expert in the medical care of animals, did this simple procedure because some of the older ladies insisted especially his wife, but I always kept my kitten.                            

      Among my people, the penalty for animal mistreatment, in any form, was quite severe,  because
The Great Spirit created them before he did man and man should note the love of them by this   Creator  and  their special place upon the earth.  Even those used for food, when necessary, were treated with high respect and prayer. Beware!    The Great Spirit   sees and hears all.

  After losing the only man I would have considered my life companion to the
Marine Corp, I devoted my life to work, advanced studies, my four children, and the animal kingdom.
   I am a member of many associations connected to the rights of animals. Also, I work in areas that try to focus on bringing attention to the dangers of commercial foods and their contents, which are, for the most part, deadly to both animals and humans. I am a herbal scientist. This is a natural for my heritage.
  I hold several degrees in separate areas of study. Music is a passion that gives great comfort to my soul. The piano and the classics were also a study. Art is yet another of my passions, as it is very relaxing.  I also enjoy the culinary arts and hold awards within the field.


  I am federally retired and live quietly with my memories and my chosen volunteer projects. That is, I live as quiet as possible around a huge family, including  grandchildren, who, bless them, understand and love me more than any other humans I have ever known. I would like to send out a
special salute to all of them from their Mia  Not to leave out the newest member of the tribe, who is affectionately known as  Chief Little Pig

  It is my hope that this website opens a doorway to knowledge for many and that it brings attention to the individuals who murdered Bo Bo, so that it will not happen to another.
  Like the theme song on the Home page of this website relates, the animal kingdom cannot speak for themselves. Someone must speak for them and protect them from crime and harm. It is truly a silence of the lambs situation.  "Man  walks  among  us,  be  still. "

  Unlike their human counterparts, animal's hearts and souls are pure. They deserve a certain degree of respect. This website hopes to speak for them, in many ways, by being a part of calling attention to the disgrace of the cruel treatment of animals, on a high scale, throughout the world. Mostly, by many in the profession of  supposed animal care. In my opinion, what quite a few of them really seek is large sums of fast money, or to feed sick addictions that they are able to get away with because "its only an animal"  who is unable to tell of the crime committed against them. There are not enough laws to protect an animal from murder, torture, sex crimes, sadistic rituals, and so forth.

  This website also hopes to call attention to the supposed associations called medical boards who do little but protect their own within the profession. The penalties that are seldom even  issued to a veterinarian are usually a disgrace a mere  tap  compared to the offense. Most times complaints are dismissed as  no violation found,  despite mounds of evidence proving otherwise. Some have to be a joke and so are other sources of justice concerning animals.
  In spite of the above, there are still many gracious, loving people in the profession who went into it for the love of the profession and the love of animals. The monsters among them cast a  shadow of disgrace upon all of them, the old one bad apple in the barrel ruins the whole crop type of thing. We pray that the good will really verse the bad and the ugly and, one day, create a safe environment for animals in need of medical care. In my opinion, it appears that at the present time, there are very few who can be trusted.
   My advice to you is to never leave your pet alone with the veterinarian or in a cage for a long period of time. How would you feel locked up in a cage? They say that it makes the animal feel secure.
Baloney!  He is terrified of being there forever. Never trust anyone completely with your animal. This includes your grooming center, even presumed friends.
  Please check the website often as I plan to keep it updated with new information.  Thank you for taking the time to visit Bo Bo Bear's website!

Ogidoda galvladi hehi   ~    Galvquodiyu gesesdi detsadovi.

Betty Garrity



                         Wings of Light

    A gracious host of angels prepare throughout the night a place within the Kingdom for the newest wings of light. Rising from the life, they've known these spirits leave the earth, then one by one, side by side their wings of light emerge.

    A brilliant love engulfs them and they quickly understand the gift of life eternal waits within the Promise Land. Like radiant stars on canvas their spirits fill the night and our broken hearts are cradled in their loving wings of light.

   "Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you."

    St. Francis De Sales



         The silhouette stands boldly at the end of the hallway ears erect, eyes like jewels, the softly sways. This wouldn't be the first time I've seen him stand nearby his image clear as crystal from the corner of my eye.

        His visits I don't share with some who think I've went over and beyond the grieving time they deem I need, they say I should move on.  I sometimes pity people who have never felt just cause to share the bond between two souls, one with hands and one with paws.  The silhouette reminds me what the others say is wrong, for as long as breath goes through me there exists our mighty bond.

      When the Keeper calls me home and the Bridge gates open wide, our bond will deepened ten fold as we walk through side by side.

     You see, I am the lucky one as I've been truly blessed for someday we'll walk together as... eternal silhouettes.

      Author  Unknown



                                                                                 Chief  Little Pig & Shelby

                                                                            Love to last a lifetime
                                                                        A Little Sister called Py Py

                    Ogidoda galvladi hehi   ~    Galvquodiyu gesesdi detsadovi.              

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    NOTICE:   This is a PUBLIC SERVICE   website designed to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act both  proven and alleged, by David Faulkner, DVM ~
    The Texas Veterinary Medical Examiners Board. ~ And The Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division

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