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Psalms 50:10-11

Ogidoda galvladi hehi   ~   
Galvquodiyu gesesdi detsadovi

un-ne-qua         gv-ge-yu-i      e-hna-i

Psalm 91
     ~  Is justice only for those who may afford it ?   ~  Vet's SLAPP suit seeks to force future judgement to eliminate the truth exposed on this web site

NOTICE: This is a  PUBLIC SERVICE WEBSITE designed to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act  proven and alleged by David Faulkner DVM 
     The Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners   ~ ~   The Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division

Though some dates go back in time this is a current information web site              

Assistance  Animal
April 5 ~ 1998  ~  
                                                                  Entered  This   Life
  June 1 ~ 2005  ~
                                                                   Entered    Life   Eternal
In Loving Memory of  
Bo Bo Bear
...a victim of alleged   ~  VETERINARY NEGLIGENCE    and    PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT ...
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     All truth passes through three stages: First - it is ridiculed....Second - it is violently Opposed....Third - it is accepted as being self-evident. ---Arthur Schopenhauer 1778-1860. .
The Beginning and More

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     Life in any form is our perpetual responsibility
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Scientist say MRI scans prove dogs are like people
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We testify before the Texas Sunset Commission this year on the corruptness of TSBVME
   view  agency  below
 Update: December 7,2016
 Note: 7/12/18  My testimony before the Sunset Commission was not about Bo Bos murder ~ The Corrupt Board and other State agencies were the issues. As it states above ~  Attacks on my person accomplish nothing these efforts resulted in heavy legal actions already in progress.

   June 1st  ~
The International Website of Bo Bo Bear will remain indefinitely as a Public Protection site
Protected by the US Constitution First Amendment, particularity the wording in Expression of Speech
 Judge presiding under investigation with
   The Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct
                                              Image result for picture symbol Texas judicial committe                                                  
          If you also have issues with this courts methods, missing records, fabricated records, life destroying time elements, bias perspective, ignored established laws,missing evidence, etc. in �Potter County Court at Law No 1, Judge Corkey Roberts� you may contact the Commission �according to their rules� as an anonymous source, news article or other for self protection....suggest submission directly to Executive Director.

2016 update:  To verify the record in defense of untruthful statements issued by Hope Clinic on Yelp reviews & elsewhere.
       This case  never had a direct Board Ruling in their favor for Faulkner, the case was dismissed in the office administrative process as 95% of all �Vet Protection� cases are, it never came before the actual Board  in any form. . read Board Exposed on The Board a Closer Look page as to this process.
          Not one comma has been removed from the original web creations.  Threats to my person/life continues.

Special Tribute ~ Valor of Honor 
April  5 ~ 2014 
Beloved Bo my best friend in life only one actually my heart an soul still empty.
It has been over 8 years since you left going home to heaven my tears have not stopped. 
There is still no justice in your case.
 Many think I will grow weary of the battle and surrender, because my own life is on hold, including many state offices, dream on oh misguided ones ( ;

And to you my precious special Bo
My Eternal Love

Texas Supreme Court 
 New ruling of Supreme Court does not effect Assistance Animals
 stock, expensive race horses, equine specialties etc.
Animal Advocates are already in arms to seek new laws.
See Travesty of Justice Ruling
April 5th, 2013
 November 17, 2011

2012 Platform Collaboration

Collaborating on the GOP platform, plank by plank

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 Are you under the impression that The Board dismisses a complaint: read the shocking truth

 View Secrecy's dangerous side effects played by





 The Texas  State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners on these pages


see how they ~Condone ~ veterinary negligence ~ abuse ~ incompetence ~ malpractice

The Board Exposed       &         Before The Board 










Do you have issues with TSBVME~ Vet horror story? please join us~ there are no fee's or expense just your voice ~ contact us here or below at



KSAT  News San Antonio   Video    ~ ~ ~      Channel  11  News   Dallas  Video

    "Attorney General Opinion"   4/9/08   rules  in favor of  information request in Bo Bo Bear's case   "Appeal Page"  

 update:     ~ The TSBVME refused to comply  with AG's office ruling,  then fabricated  events ~

Update:   Attorney General of Texas  Greg Abbott ~ ~ rules in favor of complainant concerning records    

               Open Records Decision # 683  ~ issued  Nov. 24th, 2009 ~  Read  Opinion Here 

                                      Good Show Attorney General in a correct defined ruling  ( :

 No longer will Vets be able to hide their crimes with lies on the response to complaints
see my:
Attorney General Opinion Request  citing rules of Common Law of the United States with issues of discrimination and favortisum which resulted in the issue of this opinion by the AG himself
 on Appeals page.
Seal of Texas.svg
 Mr. Ed Robertson policy analyst for the TSBVME  with the Office of the Governor has chosen to ignore our contacts & request for assistance in any matters especially corruptness within that agency.
Give Ed a call at 512- 463-1778  & remind him Texas Citizens pay his salary ( :
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 ~ ~    NEW   the  ISAR   report  read  here     ~ ~

Why does Amy Bures Danna remain with the Texas State Bar in a position of power? 
 Certainly not because she does her job. ( read actual experience with her methods ~ opinions page)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.  Margaret Mead    ~   Author  

Above:    Bo Bo Bear and Betty

      Special Tribute     

 "I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you."

                 "He finally opened his eyes & I became his human".
   We had a dog named Murphy   ~  Merf  Merf for short.  ~ She was Bo Bo's mother.  One of my daughters had bought her at, of all places, the Flea Market. She was a tiny little thing!  I held her on the way home.   She crawled up close around my neck, next to my ear, snuggled, and kept saying  merf, merf, merf.  She had a speech problem, but that's the way she always talked.   


   She grew swiftly  and was a beautiful honey colored Lhasa.  She loved to ride in the Pink Barbie jeep with the small granddaughters.  She was their constant shadow & companion, all puppies together. I didn't notice her growing so fast.
      One day, I was going to do laundry and opened the laundry storage door. 
Ah!...a basket full of clothes, but a basket full of puppies, too!   To say that I was a bit surprised is an understatement!!  Catching my eye was a very, very  special black & white pup.  Ahh,  love at first smell! He was my baby, no chew bones about it, and spent much time in my arms...snuggled. He finally opened his eyes & I became his human.   He owned me.
     Merf was very pleased with her efforts.  However we couldn't keep all the babies,  but they definitely were assured good homes  ...the price high...  each and every person astonished when I said they qualified and for them to use all that money on the puppy for shots and care. 
     Bo's two snow white sisters, & a brown brother, had special homes with a check back rule. Bo Bo baby...stayed with me.  He slept with me.  He would eat the same food as I did,  plus his special expensive lamb diet. He was always constantly under my feet.    He had his place in the car right beside me and he would panic like a child if I left him.


         I had an attention listening problem.  Bo was specially trained, me beside him to help with the small problem.  He did his job well,   &  took it very ~ very seriously.

      He was only 7 when, in my opinion, he was killed in revenge for something he, nor I, had control over, or even knew about, until he was gone.  But, before I'm through, the world will know what I believe that this so called Vet truly is. 


      He is now under investigation    again    by the   Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners  due to the complaint I have filed.    According to the vast records, Faulkner has been under investigation quite a few times over the past years.    His record, not viewable by the general public, is massive.  I was in a state of shock when I received and reviewed them.   The small summary you are allowed to see on the Board's website tells you little and actually fine sugar coats the findings.  


       Apparently, the State Board has not done their job correctly the first time or even the second, etc,   it appears to me that many animals could have been saved from great harm, pain and death.   The Board may do nothing now,  but people  listen. People considering his vet practice may think twice if they had knowledge about his    public complaint record   presenting his true earned reputation.      I personnaly  would have never gone there had I known,  I was putting my baby in certain danger.


     It is a life's work for me to expose the public complaint records of negligent vets.  Believe me,   there are apparently many of them.  It is my firmly held and vivid opinion that Faulkner intentionally destroyed a helpless animal.  Perhaps by filing a complaint, that may prevent him from doing it to another.


       I believe that he thought he could get by with it and  I would do nothing but cry, "oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" is an old proverb. The Vet a Great Prentender.   I believe I was truly unlucky with a Vet simply because I couldn't  find another, which had basicly something to do with the club and  the good Buddy system of Vets I've learned about. I tried desperately to get him medical professional help, and seemed to be blocked at every turn. I was made fun of, gossiped about "ridiculed,  for being over  protective, (classified as stupid old  woman) etc".

I literally begged for assistance, money was never an issue. My baby's life was.


We will keep an update on the activities and findings of The Board this time.


        Update of November  17th 2006:   I was served with a lawsuit from David Faulkner's attorneys, referred to as a  Slapp  suit by the legal profession. In my opinion, this is an attempt to scare me into dropping my complaint against him with  the appointed  State of   Texas Vet Medical Board  and to  force  me to dismantle my web site for Bo Bo Bear and remove any reference to his destruction of Bo Bo Bear.  I believe he is trying to  then  force me by intimidation to surrender my government issued  first amendment rights, granted under protection of :

       The Constitution of  The United States, of Freedom of Speech
in telling my truthful story;  presenting many records of proof,  most not even available for posting until after the Vet Board's decision due to consideration of their efforts. This lawsuit demands that I answer within 20 days or become the victim of a default judgment of which gives them all of their demands.  If these demands are not met, I will be the guest of a prepared  jail  cell with the good company of those also considered criminals.   If I'm there, I will request access to the library computer to keep Bo's web site current.

     Only in America are the laws written so that: "Justice is for those who may afford it."    My belief, of this latest event, is that it was intentionally scheduled for the holiday season in order to cause me even more distress and grief than what I have already been through at the hands of one skilled in these tactics.  It is also my belief that upon knowledge of this lawsuit,  the very  powerful  Texas State Vet Medical Board will simply dismiss the case quickly, considering their fear of involvement in civil legal proceedings bringing great attention to their offices and operation methods.

  These events were expected before the web site was designed, I believe it is a repeat pattern for his business methods, the pleadings even read the same as others I have viewed.  However, due to the factor of time elements including  a few others, my filing will be pro se  .......  let the dance begin. 

to be continued

" Alihelisdi iga "

Wado !

Betty Garrity

Update 4/5/2007
- Happy Birthday Bo Bo Bear. I am still awaiting a decision from the Vet Board. Hopefully soon.    Please stop by and visit the new web site entry  called     My Opinion / 1st amendment   page  of Bo Bo Bear's website.  Check back for updates.  Thank you for visiting! 

Update 4/20/2007
As expected and predicted almost a year ago when Bo's site went up,  I have received a form letter today, exact in wording that the vast majority of complainants receive from the great state of Texas special appointed 

      "Vet Protection" Medical Board  located in Austin, Texas.

The Board form letter states that they "THE GOOD OLE BOYS CLUB, whom Faulkner is a member of)   found nothing in violation of any professional misconduct by David Faulkner, DVM.    I'm sure the huge file of evidence I submitted probably has dust on it.  I was never afforded the luxury of an  interview,  as required by Board rules, or any substantial contact from this Board.   They did curtly answer a few e-mails, some in which I had reminded them that   I had not been contacted or interviewed,  nor had any of my witness's.   The dismissal comes as no surprise to many persons who follow the activities of this make believe protect the public State Office. 

The dismissel was granted by the administrative process, the actual Medical Board never saw the complaint, this is standard for 97% of all cases filed with TSBVME. 

   Please see the    medical records   page of this website for my condenced  statement on the actual finding and happenings of Bo's final destruction,  taken from actual affidavits,  professional opinions, university medical science department research, etc,  submitted to the Board.

NOTE:  I would later learn this was decided in the administrative process, the actual so called Board never saw any of it !!


Update 7/07/07


 The State Vet Protection Board  administrative process   has once again boldly dismissed , the  appeal was tossed without further study, and still no real consulting 

of presented facts or a   simple  interview of complainant,  a big violation of their own rules. . . . 

My personal opinion :    The Board will never protect the public, until those who are appointed to authority positions   are not vets,   but public members    Until then, it is just an extension of the TVMA, usually the same members in power, who protect the Vet's livelihood, as they refer to it.

     Please see my presented statement before the board on:    

   The Board/A Closer Look,   along with the Board Exposed research,   explaining point by point the way they actually operate proceeding of filed complaints,   a step by step view  using their own practice methods and rules concerning  any submitted complaint, reguardless of charge. Other state and federal animal protection laws seem to be ignored. No knowledge of assistance animals exsist with this Board.  

Update 7/07/07
 ~   It appears as though I may be forced to accept a future heavy judgement rendered against me in the SLAPP suit filed by Faulkner. To defend the truth is financially impossible for Bo Bo Bear's human.   Justice is for those who may afford it, seems to be the rule of America's  legal system.
                 ~  ~ ~  But will Universal law agree  ~ ~ ~

Years: Months: Days: Hours: Minutes: Seconds:
...since Bo Bo Bear passed away and STILL NO JUSTICE!!


does it mean...

Veterinary Practice Act ~or~ Vet Protection Agency ?
You be the judge...
According to Dallas television station KTVT - CBS 11...
(click here to view)
In 2006, the Board received 212 consumer complaints
against veterinarians and only disciplined 17 vets!


Visit this website
for  constant updated  information
on monitored complaint process of The Board.
Meeting of  2-14-08
View the events of this Public Board Meeting,
where public speakers were not allowed to speak, insulted while speaking, their mic's turned off,
  physicaly threatened with removal by security.
They had done nothing
but try to speak  peacefully before the Board.


If you are a lawyer licensed in Texas willing to pursue justice on behalf of veterinary victims, please 

 CONTACT ME    to place your contact information here.

If you are a student of animal law willing to assist in legal research, investigation and writing, please contact  Stefani  Olsen at    to be added to our database of volunteers.

Brave Veterinary Technicians . . .Click Here &   SPEAK OUT !! 

This was painted in honor of Bo Bo Bear and displayed 
at the
Tri State Fair in September 2006

"Though all creatures are subject to man's cruelty, God loves all His creation and has made plans for all
His children and the lesser creatures to enjoy His eternal Kingdom."
Psalm 145:-9-10,13,15-21  
"We've Got Feelings too!"

"Do you think animals have feelings?
Of course they do. 

et our legal system places them in the same category as an inanimate object - Is there a practical way to legally treat animals with more compassion and respect? Yes, now there is. "

Written by an animal lover who is also a lawyer, We�ve Got Feelings Too: Presenting The Sentient (feeling) Property Solution speaks not to lawyers in �legalese,� but to you�the animal lovers who hire them.

Protection  of  The  Animals
     The Bible states God created the Animals before he did man, however when he created man he put him in charge of the Animals and their welfare. 
When man looks the other way at abuse, murder, and so forth inflicted by others, he is defing the laws of God.
          Step forward and defend the Animals right to their God given life, they also have feeling.  Learn from your own pain, feelings and thoughts.  They have these also.
           They are at the mercy of man, they have no choice they have no voice, unless you give them one.
                                                                                                             Betty Garrity

Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened"
-Anatole France


     David Faulkner own's  Hope Veterinary Clinic
10850  I-40 west   Exit Hope Road off I-40
Amarillo, Texas
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     It is not what one says that counts, but what one is!

                                        Edgar Cayce Reading 524-2

 It is said that if you whisper your heartfelt prayers to a butterfly, that mystical messenger will carry your wishes to the heavens. For the generous spirits have blessed the butterfly's delicate wings with the strength to soar high into the sky, where your dreams are transformed into destiny.

    Ogidoda galvladi hehi   ~    Galvquodiyu gesesdi detsadovi.



"A dog is like an eternal Peter Pan, a child who never grows old and who therefore is always available to love and be loved."

~ Aaron Katcher, American Educator and Psychiatrist ~

* * * * * * * 

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Betty Garrity
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In Loving Memory of Bo Bo Bear
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"The greatness of a nation
and its moral progress
can be judged by the way
its animals are treated. "
Mahatma  Gandhi

     Just how confused are the people
 in that office?
    How complicated is our justice system  anyway ?
           Who are they there to protect ?

  Research   Discovery  Fact 
This isn't the first time that a complaint
has been filed with the State Board against
David Faulkner, DVM.
Most result in Dismissal
see below for one's that were not.. .
* * * * * * *

 Love you Mom

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Thank you Greg
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Calypso's Story


   Research Findings
Approximately 85% to 90%
of all veterinary complaints filed with  State Boards are
as no  violation found.
 Many times there is 
 overwhelming evidence
supporting  the negligence allegations, yet the  State Boards dismiss anyway.
These  Boards, that are charged
with  protecting the public, spend much  more time protecting
guilty  veterinarians  instead.

   False Advertisement
appears in the
Amarillo City phone directory concerning Faulkners Clinic.
There is no human animal bond honor there...
nor compassion.
His goal is to seperate you from
 your animal, so you will have no clue as to what they do.

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"Ask the animals, and they will teach you.

" Job 12:7-10     


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"A righteous man cares for the needs

 of his animal." Proverbs 12:1

by the Carpenters

Bless the beasts and the children
For in this world they have no voice
They have no choice

Bless the beasts and the children
For the world can never be
The world they see

Light their way
When the darkness surrounds them
Give them love
Let it shine all around them

Bless the beasts and the children
Give them shelter from a storm
Keep them safe
Keep them warm

Light their way
When the darkness surrounds them
Give them love
Let it shine all around them

Bless the beasts and the children
Give them shelter from a storm
Keep them safe
Keep them warm


Animals are neither property

nor pets they are companions.

 We share this highway we travel to wherever it ultimately leads


"Life is not measured by the number
of breaths we take, but by moments
that take our breath away."

The time will come when men such as I

will look upon the murder of animals

as they now look on the murder of men.

~  Leonardo da Vinci  ~ 


Life in any form is our
 perpetual responsibility.
Bo Bo Bear
I couldn't tell Mom what the
were doing to me, I tried very hard but
 I only speak Lhaso
All truth passes through three stages:
First it is ridiculed
Second  it is violently Opposed
Third  it is accepted as being self evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer
NOTICE:   This is a PUBLIC SERVICE WEBSITE  designed to inform you of violations of the Veterinary Practice Act both  proven and alleged, by David Faulkner, DVM ~
 Texas State  Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners   ~  ~    The Texas State Bar, Animal Law Division
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